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Friday, February 22, 2008

Sim card data extractor gadget

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The SIM Card Spy will suck the data out of a SIM card on to a PC. It's $149.

UPDATE: Noen found a similar gadget that seems to do the same thing for just $19.

Have you ever wished you can spy on your wife, husband, teens, or colleague phone to see what they are up to? Are they being suspicious when on their cell phone? This SIM card spy software and hardware solution can tap into all files on a cell phone SIM card for viewing, saving or editing. Simply place the SIM card into the USB reader, and with your computer, instantly save for later or view immediately. Backup your mobile phone numbers and SMS messages to your PC, another SIM card or any removable media.

Many More Girls Blog, Create, And Build Websites Than Boys

Research shows that among the youngest Internet users, the primary creators of Web content (blogs, graphics, photographs, Web sites) are not misfits resembling the Lone Gunmen of “The X Files.” On the contrary, the cyberpioneers of the moment are digitally effusive teenage girls.

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BOOM BLOX: Head tracking!!!

At the end of the "Creating Boom Blox" session at GDC, executive producer Lou Castle revealed that you can use two Wii remotes on your TV (and some form of do-it-yourse LED headset) to control the camera in Boom Blox with your head. Seriously.

Speaking briefly to Joystiq after the session, Castle explained that it was more of an easter egg inclusion and they weren't planning to actively promote the feature. We'll have more from the Boom Blox session later this week. After the break, a video of do-it-yourself head tracking.

T-Shirt Bull Sh*t

Nicaraguan children from the community of San Gregorio, Diriamba, Nicaragua receive 2008 Super bowl apparel of the losing team, the New England Patriots, from World Vision organization.

A scary-looking clown was on hand for the t-shirt festivities.

Hats and t-shirts, branded with the Patriots named and would-be record of 19-0, are handed out

A boy is swimming in a larger-than-life Patriots t-shirt.

Children smile as they don their "Champion" t-shirts.

An elederly woman shows off her new wears.

Great Pics Of Early North Pole Expeditions

[From Nat Geo] All B&W photos mostly from early 1900s -- some striking, all (together) giving a good visual sense of the scope & vastness of the challenge at the time...

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Great Pic of the Lunar Eclipse

Funniest Overload in Some Asian Countries

Rogue Spy Satellite Blast

Van Damme is getting old

Perhaps we need a new hero for Friday?