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Friday, September 21, 2007

Roth Audio Ipod Amplifier

Tubes Baby!

It's pricey, but i have to believe it's worth it.

Anybody else notice a recurring theme in Blasster's Van Damme posts?

Real-Life Donkey Kong Shows Human Stupidity in 8 Bits

This is what you get when you mix the five stories of Donkey Kong's first level, a Jackass bozo and a bunch of barrels: real-life, full-sized, totally-irresistible 8-bit arcade stupidity. And yes, I want to play it too. Like Archimedes said: "Give me enough Guinness and a big hammer and I'll move the world! And kill that monkey. Or something like that." I'm missing the oil-dipped fire balls, but nothing is perfect.

Fun Baseball Pictures

Fun Baseball Pictures

August 30, 2007 | by Jefferson | Filed Under Sports |


Boy, baseball sure is fun! Here are some happy fun baseball pictures for you all to enjoy:










You thought the USC football team was good?

Check this out

How a Junkie's Brain Helps Parkinson's Patients

Amazing story here on how a Heroin overdose unlocked a treatment for Parkinson's.

Junkie's Brain paves way:

Mitochondria the key to longevity

Cranking up an enzyme in a cell's powerhouse--the mitochondria--makes the cell resilient to stress and death, according to a study published today in the journal Cell. The findings could provide a new set of targets for drugs to treat the diseases related to aging, including Alzheimer's and diabetes. Scientists say that the research might also point to the long-sought source of caloric restriction's life-extending benefits.

"Now we have a way of making drugs that can keep cells from dying and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's," says David Sinclair, a biologist at Harvard Medical School, in Boston, who led the work. The findings broaden the focus of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, a company based in Cambridge, MA, and cofounded by Sinclair, which is developing compounds that target the sirtuins, a class of enzymes previously linked to longevity.
Article Here

Yes its Friday...... You know what time that is

Blasster goes to the Carnival

Not sure about the crooked hat, but this is the way to do it!
Love the Carnies