Beef: It's what's on the Web!

At least it seems there is no shortage of crazy burger pics and impressive (if not a little gross) works of "hamburger art." This homage to the all-American love of beef patties is enough to bring a tear to your eye (and cholesterol to your arteries!).

To all my carnivores out there -- here are our fave Web Hamburgers:

  • The Sneaker Burger

  • The Burger Pumpkin

  • The Wooden Burger

  • The "Hamburger Fatty Melt" (the buns are grilled cheese sandwiches)

  • The World's Smallest Burger (yes, it's 100% edible!)

  • The 15 Pound Burger (he ate the whole thing - in one sitting!)

  • The Hamburger Dress

  • Lego Burgers

  • Burger Cakes

  • The Inflatable Burger Climb

  • Fabric Burger + Fries

  • And just to round out this ode to artery-clogging goodness: BEEF FONT!

[Click Images for Photo Sources]