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Sunday, November 9, 2008

10 Computer Ads From The 80s

We know we have been a little quiet for a while here on TechyShit but we knew you guys liked looking at the godaddy girls. Out of the three that you see on that post, I think Candice is pretty hot. Sorry, didn’t mean to sway away from the post, but damn it she always seems to get my attention. That’s the reason why we didn’t update cause we were busy looking at Ms. Candy..err…Candice.

Anyway, as you can see from the title today’s post is on 10 old vintage ads that represented some of the famous computers in the 80s. I was around to see some of them but not all. Let us know what you think and which ads you remember. All images are linked directly to the source.

Click on the image to enlarge

  1. Franklin Ace 1200
    Tagline : 13 good reasons to buy the Ace 1200

  2. Atari 800
    Tagling : More capabilities than any other personal computer under $1,000

  3. Compaq
    Tagline : Feature for feature, it’s hard to beat the Compaq Portable

  4. MicroAce
    Tagline : For just $149.00, you get everything you need to build a personal computer at home…

  5. Macintosh
    Tagline : Introducing Macintosh. What makes it tick. And talk

  6. IBM PC
    Tagline : The quality, power, and performance of the IBM Personal Computer are what you’d expect from IBM. The price isn’t

  7. TRS-80 Color Computer
    Tagline : Radio Shack’s $399 TRS-80 Color Computer - Innovation at it’s very best!

  8. Amiga
    Tagline : Amiga under $2,000. Anyone else up to $20,000

  9. TI-99/2
    Tagline : TI’s new basic computer. The one to start with and get smart with

  10. Hewlett-Packard HP-85
    Tagline : Introducing HP-85. A new world of personal-professional computation

There it is. Let us know which ads you remember seeing. I for one remember the Macintosh ad not cause i was old enough but cause my old man had it on one of his magazines. Good ol’ days. What about you? Remember any of these or are you too young to even know these computers existed back in the days? ;-)