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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Poncho does it all...

epic fail photos - Poncho  Win

Be safe while hanging out in space.

Submitted by: MaxBJ-FD via Fail Uploader

Landon Donovan's Goal in Stoppage Time Advances USA Out of Group C

By Will Brinson


Landon Donovan's goal in extra time is going to go down as one of the best American sports moments in history. Add in the stakes at hand -- World Cup advancement, America's previous (0-6-0) failures in games like this, the poor refereeing earlier in the match and the even poorer refereeing the match before -- and there's no question how important that follow-up by Donovan will go down in history.

For those that were unfortunate enough to miss it, here's the setup: USA is tied 0-0 and will not advance without scoring (England was already in extra time, essentially having won), but space opens up on a USA break, and madness ensues with the ball bouncing back towards the goalline before Donovan magically comes streaking forward to punch the ball in and give USA the 1-0 lead.

Watch the video. Hundreds of times if you want, or just once: odds are you'll be seeing it replayed for a long, long time anyway.

No, THIS Is The Best Business Card Ever

Posted by Alex Wilhelm

The Most Psychedelic Hot Spring on Earth

Geothermal Pools 2

Photo: Chmehl

The melted-highlighter hues of the Wai-O-Tapu hot springs in New Zealand make one wonder how nature can look so unnatural. Also known as the Champagne Pools, Sacred Waters, and Artist's Palette, the Wai-O-Tapu geothermal pools have attracted much attention for their psychedelic qualities.

Pools 7

Photo: macronix

The Wai-O-Tapu pools are the result of thousands of years of volcanic activity. Nine hundred years ago, a hydrothermal eruption solidified the presence of the pools. The eruption was triggered by the infiltration of rainwater into the ground, which returned to the surface significantly hotter and hydrostatically pressurized due to its passage through the earth.

Geothermal Pools 1

Photo: tokyoahead

The geothermal gradient beneath the pools is responsible for an outward heat flow from Earth's boiling interior. The heat flow from the Earth at these locations is so powerful that it generates 0.3% of the world's electricity.

Pools 4

Photo: anna t

The Champagne Pool is maintained at a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, but the deepest parts, which do not lose heat into the atmosphere, can hit 500 degrees. Due to the high heat, very little life can survive in the pools, which are more a geological phenomena than an ecosystem. However, at least three bacteria have been found to exist within the waters.

Pools 3

Photo: Leyo

The colorful pools are even more impressive due to their size. The craters are over 200ft in diameter and 200ft deep, and are filled with nearly 2 million cubic feet of geothermal fluid.

Pools 5

Photo: Tim Parkinson

The Champagne Pool is aptly named given the presence of surplus carbon dioxide, yielding bubbly fizz in the water, much like is found in a bottle of Dom Perignon. The colors are attributed to the variety of minerals and metalloid compounds including orpiment and stibnite.

Geothermal Pools 6

Photo: khirol

Although originally occupied by the Ngati Whaoa tribe, the Wai-O-Tapu geothermal wonderland complex is now a vibrant tourist attraction. The area includes geysers, which erupt daily, and bubbling mud pools, and has been protected as a scenic reserve since 1931.

Geothermal Pools 9


geothermal pools 8


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Shuttle launch as seen by skydivers

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'The Green Hornet' trailer

Check out the just-released trailer for "The Green Hornet," which hits theaters January 14, 2011, after the jump.

Cute Girl Excited To Get Paintball Gun (Video)

Girl Gets Waaay To Excited About Paintball Gun - Watch more Funny Videos

Paraguay’s Hottest Fan Has A Name And It Is Larissa Riquelme (Pics)


Since she was spotted in the crowd during Monday's World Cup match between Italy and Paraguay, the image of this big-breasted Guaraniés fan and her conveniently placed Nokia cell phone has made its way onto computer screens around the world.

Now we have a name to put with that chest face. Meet Larissa Riquelme, Paraguay's hottest fan.

As an Italian, it pained me to see Paraguay open the scoring during the first half of their match, but I guess it was a small price to pay in order to see Larissa and her fun-bags jump up and down in celebration. With the tie against Italy, the knockout stage appears to be a real possibility for Paraguay, which means we may get the opportunity to see a lot more of these sweater jersey-puppets.

Want to see more of the beatiful Larissa Riquelme ( visit her at her website. Thanks to her manager Nino for sending exclusive pics to Total Pro Sports.

Thanks to Paraguayo for emailing us this great tip today. If you have any great Images or Videos, feel free to send them to