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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Spider-Cat Does whatever a spider can!

Beer in space: A short but frothy history.

After allegations that astronauts flew drunk, NASA's rules on alcohol are under scrutiny. The agency currently doesn't allow its astronauts to imbibe in orbit, but over the years of crewed space travel, many astronauts have enjoyed a tipple.



The Sun UK says that Scarlett Johansson will take the role of Jenna Jameson in the film version of Jamesons book, "How To Make Love Like A Porn Star". The Sun says:

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has landed her most explicit role yet - that of the world's biggest porn star. The 22-year-old will take the lead role in the forthcoming, x-rated biopic of JENNA JAMESON. And legendary adult entertainer Jameson chose Scarlett specifically for the role. She explained, "I tapped up Scarlett for the part and I'm very excited about the film. It was my decision not to play the role because I've lived that tale already and anyone can play themselves."

I don't know how to break this to Hollywood but porn stars are only interesting when they're having stuff shoved inside of them. What am I, a social worker, what the hell do I care how they got there. If this was such a compelling subject, the Academy Award nominees for best picture would just be Bowlin In Her Colon 4, 5, 6 and 7, and then Ratatouille.

UPDATE - or maybe she isn't playing Jenna, according to People.

Attack Mode: Applying for the Position of Jessica Alba's Boyfriend

Attack Mode: Applying for the Position of Jessica Alba's Boyfriend

Most detailed pictures of Earth ever seen

Most detailed pictures of Earth ever seen

Finally- Too much car for Chismillionare!

Hennessey Venom 1000 Twin Turbo Viper
Hennessey Venom 1000 Twin Turbo Viper
Speed Kings: 0–200
0–200: 20.3 seconds
In this awesomely powerful Viper's first run, Millen is instructed by John Hennessey to launch the Viper at 3300 rpm and upshift at 6000 rpm. Millen does this, and at 203 mph in 5th gear, with the thoroughly tweaked 8.5-liter V-10 singing at 6000 rpm well before the mile, he drops it into 6th gear. When Hennessey learns of this later, he tells Steve to keep the car in 5th during the next run and let the engine rev past 6000 for better performance as the car streaks to 200 and on through the mile.
Well, an hour or so later, after the Hennessey crew cools the car's intake tract with ice and wet towels and warms the rear tires with electric blankets, that's just what Millen does. Not surprisingly, he posts the best time of the day, a 0–200-mph blast of 20.3 sec., in only 3488 ft. That's 472 ft. less than three quarters of a mile! And with a peak speed of 220.3 mph in the mile, the Viper sets a new R&T record.

The Hennessey's increasing power at speed — and the sheer difficulty of launching a rear-drive car with 800–1100 bhp — is reflected in our test results: From 100 to 200 mph, in that rarefied arena where precious few cars can play, the Viper absolutely devours the competition, taking only 13.0 sec. and 2956 ft. to accomplish this feat. The next closest car, by no means a slouch, is the Bugatti Veyron, which needs 18.0 sec. and 4229 ft. for its blast from 100 to 200.

Wow - the hills are alive with the Sound of Music

This is a photograph showing a flower-splashed hillside near Tehachapi, California. This is not photoshoped

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