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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fitzy - A Self-Made Maniac


NICK STEVENS poses in his fictitious persona "Fitzy" at the Boston studio of WBZ, Channel 4, which hired him to appear on its morning show in the week leading up to today's Super Bowl XLII. Created for sketches at New York comedy clubs, the character hit it big in webcasts after turning from movie reviews to sports. (BIZUAYEHU TESFAYE / AP / January 30, 2008)

Super Bowl Sunday. It's a solemn day when heroes — the unbeaten New England Patriots and streaking New York Giants — take the field to battle as gladiators. It's also a day for know-it-alls, who take to the couch prepared to proclaim endlessly a steady litany of statistics, hearsay and drivel with all the gravity of "Says you!" and "No, you are!"

And that brings us to Fitzy, a professional know-it-all.

Most young Internet-savvy Sox and Pats fans know Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald. His short webcasts from have been passed online throughout New England. He's the unruly voice of the obnoxious Boston sports fan who previews Red Sox and Patriots' games from his mother's basement in Billerica, Mass., with plenty of hometown bias, crass language and juvenile male idiocy

Fitzy's popularity brought him to a larger stage last fall, when ESPN signed him to create similar pieces for . In stadium parking lots outside the NFL's Monday Night broadcasts, Fitzy has mixed it up with fans from around the country as the "man on the street," joking with tailgaters, mixing in obscure movie references and sports trivia, singing the odd ditty and scalding his mouth by eating meat right off the grill.

But Fitzy doesn't really exist.

Fitzy is a character, the creation of Nick Stevens, a 33-year old comedian who grew up in Braintree and lives in New York. That's something that many are unwilling or unable to accept, and his story involves sports, technology, ingenuity and marketing as much as comedy.

A film grad of NYU, Stevens struggled for years to find a way to make his mark in showbiz. "I spent my 20s wondering, should I move to Los Angeles and work in TV production? Direct? Or try to write and act?" says Stevens. "I was fumbling through temp work ... begging and borrowing for beer money all the time. It was bad."

Stevens performed in small clubs in sketch groups, first with Utah Arm, then with playwright Gabe McKinley in 2000. They formed The Shark Show, a cornerstone of the downtown New York comedy scene. "Every week, it gave me a spot to work on my chops," Stevens says. "I always had a place to perform. I was responsible for writing a bit, maybe a couple for myself. The guys depended on me to produce because we were all in it. I didn't want to let them down. I had to be ready for the audience."

In a setting where sketch groups are formed and broken over happy hour, The Shark Show with Stevens, McKinley, Dan Gaba and Ari Voukydis built a solid following. While the traditional practice is to play wherever you can across the country, these guys hardly ever traveled above 14th street in Manhattan.

What did Stevens earn financially from his years of work in New York clubs? An impressive bar tab.

Stage time in New York for aspiring comedic actors, whether improv, sketch or stand-up, is hard to come by. Performers do shows for no pay — it's a trade-off for exposure. In New York or Los Angeles, there is the possibility of networking and media attention.

Typically, comedians start at the lowest rung — open-mike shows for a handful of people at comedy clubs, coffeehouses or talent shows. If they prove their mettle, they move up to open or host for weekend feature acts in local clubs, working up from five to 20 minutes. With success comes money, with the option of private or college gigs, work as road comics, writing for television or acting roles. Many succeed only because they create their own niches.

"Fitzy was a character. The first time he appeared was December 2001," Stevens says. "I did the holiday movie preview from The Shark Show as Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald. He, for the first five years, was a movie critic, on stage only. When I go back to Massachusetts and head out to bars or Fenway — anyplace — I would hear that crass, filthy, borderline get-you- thrown-out-of-anyplace-but- Boston language; there was always something astute and charming. So I thought if I took that filthy character from Boston, and provided truthful movie reviews — I combined my two favorite things, movies and sports."

Stevens landed roles that brought him much-needed exposure. In 2003, he was cast on "Dream Job" on ESPN. "I was the funny guy, and they ran my face into the ground on promos," Stevens says. "I became the poster child of why you should hate the show."

He has also appeared as a pop-culture pundit on VH1. "I work for VH1 All Access. It's so much fun doing it. I'm a pop-culture nerd, who's into movies and TV. They send you tapes, DVDs, maybe 500 hyperlinks you should look at."

What did Stevens earn from his work on VH1's "Forty Worst Love Songs of All Time"? The chance to appear on the VH1's "Forty Best Videos of 2007."

One night at Mickey's Blue Room, a casting agent wanted to speak to Nick. "All I could hear was, 'How would you like to stop being broke, hanging out on your couch like a loser like you have for the last 10 years?' Yes, I'm in."

On his second voice-over audition, he landed a job with Miller Lite. Within two months, he was out of debt and quit temp jobs.

His announcer voice and the Fitzy character began to make its way into radio. Stevens worked at KROCK 92.3 FM out of New York for a year. He won a contest to be the smartass sports guy for the afternoon rock show. Within six months, he went from phoning in two-minute WEEI/WFAN parody segments to co-hosting a nighttime rock show.

Stevens started doing the Fitzy webcast a couple of years ago. The irreverent character reviewed movies for a couple of months.

"I was shooting the videos in the living room of my wife's old apartment in Manhattan between Irving and Third. The backdrop was a blanket. I put on a costume, usually a cap and a Sox jersey." His buddy, Oscar Creech, now producer on the ESPN videos, said everybody was doing viral videos, so why not make viral webcasts out of Fitzy? They did nine episodes over two months, three minutes each, talking about movies. It had a very tiny fan base. Nothing special. "We shot them through December," Stevens says. "Nothing was happening, but it was fun doing them."

In January 2007, Stevens, a huge Pats fan, decided to forgo the movie reviews and preview the NFL playoffs. The hits for the website went from a few hundred to 10,000 a day. People began spreading his website link in e-mails and instant messages. Stevens' brother would take the videos and post them to YouTube, SuperDeluxe, FunnyOrDie and MySpace. It tapped into the rabid world of Boston sports fans. "It hit a nerve and took off," Stevens says. "The character I spent five years working on, as a sports-obsessed movie critic with a foul mouth, has become the Internet mouthpiece for what all Sox and Pats fans are thinking."

Right after creating a webcast after the Pats' playoff loss to the Colts, Nick got an e-mail from a producer at WHDH, Channel 7, in Boston who wanted to send a news crew to film Fitzy and tell the story of the local boy from Billerica. Stevens told them he'd love to do it, but that there was no Fitzy. WHDH canceled the story. "Everyone is so disappointed that Fitzy isn't some drunk jackass making films in his mom's basement," Stevens says. Braden Moriarty, producer for Karlson & MacKenzie on WZLX-FM (100.7) in Boston, found Fitzy online and made him a regular contributor to the show. "I checked out, said Moriarty, "and its 'Wicked Pissah Webcast' over the summer. It's all the worst stuff from Boston sports wannabes, all the worst qualities, and one of the funniest things I ever saw. Everybody knows someone like that from their local bar, a Fitzy or Sully or Ol' Mac. We brought him on the show for no pay, except for a ZLX T-shirt."

Even Moriarty has trouble separating Nick from Fitzy. "The first time I saw him on VH1," says Moriarty, "without the beer and the hat, I didn't know who it was." Besides phoning in reports for ZLX, Fitzy made his way onto WBCN out of Boston, and every other week he does a bit on Big Sports 590 in Omaha, Neb.

Then came ESPN. "One of our younger news guys was visiting the Fitzy website," says John Zehr, Senior Vice President of Digital Operations at ESPN. "It got passed around. I caught it looking over his shoulder over the summer but didn't think anything of it. I asked Anthony [Mormile, of ESPN] to reach out to Fitzy. He wasn't exactly the easiest guy to find."

"In late July," Zehr says, "Fitzy did a pilot piece for us, covering the NBA draft. I was a little concerned about his edgier material. ... We haven't promoted it heavily; we've been letting it grow organically. ... People can watch his videos through their mobile TVs through VCAST."

ESPN had to do quite a bit of cutting and censoring of Stevens' material, which sits fine with him. "They're protecting their property," Stevens says. "My boss said: 'We work with a lot of different people. We don't tell them what to do on their own. Just don't trot out that ... colorful language on 'Monday Night Football.'" Fitzy followed "Monday Night Football," flying to every city where it appeared and made YouTube-style videos. Then, once the Patriots' story became the dominant story, Fitzy followed them instead. Many of the episodes are sponsored by Toyota Trucks, which he deftly drives onto the lot in an appropriate product placement. Fitzy joshes with fans of opposing teams and revels in his worship of the Pats, which includes a self-proclaimed man-crush on Tom Brady.

In Cincinnati, not everyone enjoyed Fitzy. "We built a fake jail cell and ran around," in reference to all of the legal trouble that has followed Bengal players, says Stevens. "The footage you saw, people were saying, 'Hey that's funny!' You didn't see four guys crushing their beer cans saying, 'Thanks for ruining our tailgate. Get out of here before we kick your ass.' Tough crowd."

Stevens still appears in those small New York clubs for crowds of 30 or 40. His website has become a franchise, selling T-shirts with his favorite quips. WBZ, Channel 4, in Boston discovered him online, just as ESPN did, and brought his antics to their morning show for the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

"He nails it so well and is believable," says radio producer Moriarty. "Nick deserves all the success he gets. Right now is the golden age for short films on the Internet. He's one of the first guys to do it really well."

Ken Carlson is an editor and writer for The Comedians Magazine. You can reach him at

See some of "Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Webcasts" at

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James Bond fanatic creates underwater car

By Stephen Adams

Last Updated: 6:25pm GMT 14/02/2008

Information appearing on is the copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited and must not be reproduced in any medium without licence. For the full copyright statement see Copyright

Q would have been proud - 30 years after James Bond disappeared under the waves in a specially adapted Lotus, car designers have done it for real.

  • In pictures: classic Bond vehicles
  • How about that? Because news doesn't have to be serious
  • Gambler sues William Hill for letting him bet
  • Cinema audiences gasped as Roger Moore's 007 took his white Lotus Esprit for a surprise dip to evade the enemy in the film The Spy Who Loved Me.

    Watch: Could this be the car for you? Watch the amphibious Lotus take to the waves

    The famous scene, shot using a model, triggered the imagination of countless gadget-lovers, who wondered if such a car could be made.

    Now a self-confessed Bond fanatic has made an up-to-date version of the wondercar using the Esprit’s spiritual successor, the Lotus Elise, as its base.

    The "sQuba" will be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show next month.


    These pictures show the €1 million (£750,000) prototype, which can dive to a depth of 10m, in action off the coast of Florida.

    It was the brainchild of concept car designer Frank Rinderknecht, 52, who said: “For three decades I have tried to imagine how it might be possible to build a car that can fly under water. Now we have made this dream come true.”

    He added: “Everybody knows James Bond and the Esprit but it was always just fiction. We thought, 'Let’s do something everybody knows but nobody has tried.'”

    The team at his firm Rinspeed replaced the petrol engine with three electric motors, one to power the rear wheels and two for the specially designed propellers. They are capable of taking it to 75mph on land, a more sedate 4mph while cruising in "boat" mode and a positively tranquil 2mph while underwater.

    The company also claims that the car is extremely “green” as well, as it is a zero-emission vehicle powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.


    Unlike the Bond original, which featured an enclosed passenger cabin, the modern version has an open top with the occupants exposed to the elements.

    The Swiss car designer explained: “The passenger compartment is three square metres of air - you’d need to add about three metric tonnes of added weight to pull it down under the surface.

    “That would give it the land mobility of a turtle.”

    The second reason for having an open cabin is safety: “Even at one metre depth, the water pressure would keep the doors closed so you could not get out in an emergency.”

    Although one would expect the car to sink like a stone, special compartments have been filled with foam to ensure it floats.

    “The car will come to the surface by itself,” said Mr Rinderknecht.

    “It is basically unsinkable.”

    Rather than achieving neutral buoyancy with weighting, the propellers drive it downwards so that if it were to stop it would rise up.


    Once under water, its occupants breath air coming from an integrated tank of compressed air similar to that used by scuba divers.

    The vehicle can stay under water “until you run out of air or battery power,” which is about two hours.

    The designer said the sensation was just like scuba diving - in a car.

    He said: “It’s a special feeling.”

    While some might quibble that on land the sQuba is not fast enough, he said the main aim was to demonstrate its aquatic potential.

    “We could have made it a lot quicker by using a bigger model with more batteries but that wasn’t the issue,” he said.

    “The focus was really on it going underwater.”


    Sadly, those taken by the sQuba may never be able to get their hands on it as there are no plans to put it into production.

    “It’s a tradition that we produce a concept car for the Geneva Motor Show,” said the designer, whose firm makes its money making concept cars and parts for the mainstream motor industry, and tuning Porsches.

    “We don’t plan to build it, even in a limited capacity,” he admitted.

    “But if someone wants to take up the project that would be great. I’m sure there will be people interested in buying one.”

    A spokesman for Lotus, which is not involved in the project, said: “We are delighted that they have chosen to use the Elise.”

    Evolution Pod Travels Through Land, Water and Air

    PICT2761_09-13-2007.jpgAlexander Begak is a test pilot and the chief designer of Evolution, a flying pod that can travel on land, slide through water and snow, and fly thanks to a gliding parachute that acts as a soft, highly portable wing. The one or two-seater vehicle made of Kevlar and titanium was presented at the crazy 2007 Moscow Air Show, but it's now available starting at $7,200. While the Evolution looks nice, their most amazing personal planes are yet to come: the Sirius and Iris, after the jump.

    Click here for more pics: Evolution

    7 Lies You'll Hear From Salesmen At Electronics Stores

    Posted this for Chismillionaire, it's not Best Buy, but still valid info!!!

    con_anonymousman.jpg Future Shop is a Canadian consumer electronics retail chain. Charlie used to work there, and has now passed along the 7 most common lies he heard salesmen use on unsuspecting customers. Whether you have a Future Shop in your area or not, you'll find these lies familiar. (We ran into a lot of them back when The Wiz was still in NYC, in fact.)

    1) "The Service Plan covers everything" In fact, it doesn't cover most things. Don't believe any salesman who says it covers physical damage, spills, cosmetic damage, etc. Also, after you have you machine replaced (after 3 repairs), the Service Plan stops working. The salesman will act like the replacement is a benefit, really it's so FS can wash their hands of your buggy hardware.

    2) "I'm going to give you a discount"
    More often than not my co-workers would lie about high priced items, claiming to take off hundreds of dollars on cables or warranties to trick uninformed shoppers. Always shop around and find out how much things are worth, and watch what the items scan in at instead of taking his word.

    3) "This model is a Future Shop exclusive"
    Danger Will Robinson. "Exclusives" are always a repackaged retail product, usually with a slight cosmetic change, but bumped up several hundred dollars. As my manager put it: "They move the speakers from the bottom to the sides, repaint it and we mark it up". Salesmen make about triple commission on these models, so there's strong incentive to push them.

    4) "Setup will avoid hours of work"
    This only applies to computers, but it's good to know. Most salesmen try to push this on technophobes, saying that it's a complicated procedure involving special tools. Really, they click through the Vista install, run regedit to stop some software and burn a backup disk. Oh, and it's automated. Unless your time is worth about 30 dollars an hour do it yourself.

    5) "You're saving on x"
    With some products there are legitimate discounts available for bundling, and managers have the authority to offer real discounts on unbundled product. However, avoid bundles like "Pay 350 dollars for setup and get free Office and Antivirus". You end up saving about 20 dollars on Office and Antivirus, but you're paying 80 dollars for useless setup still. If you're going for a discount refuse to tack on anything you don't want, and try to push the salesman. It'll hurt his numbers to help you, but he won't want to lose a big sale.

    6) "You need Monster Cables/Setup/x to make this work well"
    Anyone who reads Consumerist knows Monster Cables are a scam, so avoid them like the plague. They make the salesman about 25 dollars per cable, and leave you with very expensive copper. Similarly, some salesmen say computers won't work well without setup, which less technically-inclined customers tend to believe.

    7) "You have to buy x"
    Legally, the store is obligated to sell you any available (nondisplay) product at the advertised price. Many stores "pre-setup" their laptops to avoid making customers wait for setup. Salesmen see this as an excuse to force the setup on you. Legally (at least in my store), if the customer didn't want setup we had to give them the laptop at the sticker price, with setup. If the salesman is too pushy ask for a manager, who will know the rules a lot better.

    "Monster Cables, Monster Ripoff: 80% Markups"

    The Bugatti of laptops

    Alienware m15X

    • Windows Vista® Home Premium
    • Windows Vista® Ultimate

    Processors, Chipset & Memory

    • Intel® Core™2 Duo Processors (4MB Cache, 800MHz FSB)
    • Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processors (4MB Cache, 800MHz FSB)
    • Intel® GM965 Chipset
    • Up to 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz
    • 2 dedicated SO-DIMM slots for Dual Channel DDR2 Memory

    Graphics & Video

    • Single Graphics Card
      256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT
      512MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8700M GT
      512MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800M GTX
      BinaryGFX – Switch between high-performance graphics and integrated graphics
    • Connectivity
      • Video out: 1x HDMI Connector
      • HDMI to DVI-D Adapter – Optional


    • Single Hard Drive
      • 5400 RPM - Up to 320GB SATA
      • 7200 RPM - Up to 200GB SATA
      • Solid State - 64GB SATA
    • Removable Second Hard Drive available with Smart Bay
    • Optical Drives
      • 8x Dual Layer CD-RW/DVD±RW
      • 8x Dual Layer CD-RW/DVD±RW w/ LightScribe Technology
      • 2x Blu-Ray Reader/DVD±R/W/CD-RW Burner
      • Dual Layer 2x Blu-Ray/DVD±R/W/CD-RW Burner


    • Wireless Connectivity
      • Internal Intel PRO Wireless 4965 b/g/n Mini-Card
      • Integrated Bluetooth 2.0
    • Wired Connectivity
      • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45


    • 7.1/5.1 Digital High-Definition Audio (8 Channel)
    • Two Speakers
    • Connectivity
      • 1x Auto-sensing headphone jack
      • 1x Auto-sensing microphone jack

    Peripheral Connections

    • 3 Hi-speed USB 2.0 ports
    • Express Card Slot /54mm
    • IEEE 1394b (9-pin) port – Powered
    • 7-in-1 Media Card Reader

    LCD Panel

    • 15.4-inch Widescreen WUXGA 1920 x 1200 (1200p HDTV resolution support)
    • 15.4-inch Widescreen WXGA+ 1440 x 900 (720p HDTV resolution support) with Clearview Technology


    • Touch Activated Battery Meter
    • 6 Cell Lithium-ION Battery

    Smart Bay

    • Optical Drive
    • Additional Hard Drive - Optional
    • Additional Battery - Optional

    Keyboard & Touchpad

    • Full Size Keyboard
    • Full Size AlienFX® Keyboard - Optional
    • Full Size Touchpad with Rocker Buttons
    • Easy Touchpad On/Off functionality
    • Instant Access Buttons include:
      • Volume Slider Control
      • Bluetooth On/Off
      • Wireless On/Off
      • Command Center On/Off
      • Stealth Mode On/Off


    • Security Lock Slot

    Case & Chassis

    • Height: 1.30”
    • Width: 14.55”
    • Depth: 10.73”
    • Weight: 7 lbs

    I love this Girl!!!

    Glow In The Dark Body Paint

    CLick Here for more pics: Sort of NSFW

    Double - Decker Bus

    I always thought that these Double Decker buses, were trouble.This is cool

    Fog Rise, San Francisco

    Time lapse of San Francisco shot on February 8th 2008. On this day the fog was flowing from east to west which is very rare.

    Mapping the 7 Abandonments of the Dharma Initiative [PICS]

    Many loyal fans have devoted time to mapping the island but few have attempted to integrate these to tell the visual story of the Dharma Initiative stations - until now. For those new to the series, think of this as an orientation.

    read more | digg story

    No sex on Valentine's, Thai police warn teens

    By Nopporn Wong-Anan

    BANGKOK (Reuters) - Alarmed by polls showing one in four Thai teens will celebrate St. Valentine's Day by having sex, police plan to swoop on motels, malls and parks to ensure youths behave themselves on the "Day of Love."

    The annual campaign to ensure good behavior on February 14 wPublish Postill see city officials turn on all lights at public parks in the capital Bangkok, while parents are urged to make sure their teenagers come home early.

    Police and "student inspectors" from the Education Ministry will be checking discrete "curtain" motels to make sure youths under the legal age of 18 are not using them for amorous interludes.

    "We will send patrols to check out public parks, restaurants and shopping malls, which are the starting points for potential sexual activities that will be done at home or motels," Bangkok police spokesman Suporn Pansuea said.

    Thailand's moral guardians are taking action after an Assumption University poll showed 27 percent of 2,400 Bangkok teenagers surveyed said they might have sex on Wednesday.

    Despite Bangkok's reputation as one of the world's sex industry centers, predominately Buddhist Thailand is generally a conservative country.

    This year's St Valentine's Day celebrations have been tempered by a sluggish economy after two years of political strife and a 2006 coup, and nationwide mourning for King Bhumibol Adulyadej's sister who died in January.

    Rose vendors have complained about sagging sales because people have less disposable income.

    "I don't think we'll have robust sales this Valentine's Day," Den Yarum, a florist at Bangkok's main flower market, told the Thai-language Daily News.

    A number of annual high-profile events, such as weddings conducted on mountain cliffs, underwater or in hot-air balloons, have been cancelled or postponed due to the 100-day mourning period for Princess Galyani Vadhana.

    Bangkok's "District of Love," a city office where superstitious couples flock to register their marriages on Valentine's Day, will be open for business, but the ceremonies will be low key.

    "People are still mourning Princess Galyani Vadhana so the activities will be simple, with an emphasis on her love for the people," district chief Pravit Panviroj said.

    (Editing by Darren Schuettler)

    New Indy Trailer - FINALLY!

    Please please PLEASE release this in IMAX!

    If you want to watch it in HD

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Its only my favorite animal... GOSH!

    No doubt it was bred for its skills and magic.

    IS it a lion? Is it a tiger? No, this cute cross cub is a little LIGER.

    But the two-month old cub called Oden won’t be little for very long.

    Ligers - bred from a male lion and a female tiger - are among the globe's largest cats.

    The eight-week-old youngster, who weighs 8lbs, is already bigger than the 12-week-old tiger cubs he lives with at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS) in Miami, Florida.

    Oden’s five-year-old uncle Hercules, the dominant male in the park's pride of lions, weighs nearly 1,000 lbs, and is 12ft tall.

    So me cool Liger sites:

    Watch DVDs on your iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc. with HandBrake

    (Credit: HandBrake)

    So you just bought an iPod touch or iPhone and want to stock it with movies from your DVD library. There are countless commercial utilities that promise to rip DVDs, but I recommend trying HandBrake. This open-source (read: free) utility for Windows (download), Mac (download), and Linux converts your DVDs for viewing on iPods, iPhones, Sony PSPs, and other portable media players. It's by no means new, but I just had to share my newfound appreciation for it.

    I recently picked up the hilarious Flight of the Conchords on DVD. I also just acquired an iPod touch (quite simply the coolest gizmo I have ever owned). I wasn't about to pay iTunes for a show I already own, so I fired up HandBrake. A few hours later, presto: New Zealand's fourth most popular digi-folk duo appeared on my iPod.

    Note that because most commercial DVDs are copy-protected, HandBrake can't work its magic without a decryption utility running in the background. Rumor has it that DVD43, also free (but Windows-only), works really, really well.

    Musical Crystal Glasses Like Never Before

    This Guy, was found playing in the street of Venice, and David Gilmour, invited him to play with him on stage. For all you fools who don't know David Gilmour, he is in a no name band, called PINK FLOYD!

    Morning Wood: For V-Day Teach Her 'The Cowgirl' & 10 Others

    Don't forget to bring your laptop to bed this Valentine's Day for a 'pillow-talk guide' of the top 11 sexual positions as 'researched' by In this guide—complete with flexible wooden doll models—you can show her 'The Trapeze', 'The Shoulder', and the erotic 'Stand and Carry.' Best of all, the contents of the guide are SFW.

    read more | digg story

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Meet the Super Cow

    These gigantic cows resemble bovine body-builders. See how breeders have achieved such amazing results.

    What NOT to name your furniture store (PIC)

    In Korea you can see some strange signs, and this is one of the funniest I've seen. This little shop is located along a little street full of furniture stores in Uijeongbu, near Seoul. My guess is that they just pulled something random off of an Internet search engine that somehow related to wood furniture.