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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Girls of the Israeli Army

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Girls of the Israeli Army

How good is Tiger Woods? Ask Ernie Els

TV Golf Commentator David Feherty on Tiger Woods

"People have accused me of being so far up Tiger's ass that he can barely make a full swing, but I maintain that he is a special person. There is no one else on the planet who can do what he does or even think of doing what he does. I have often thought, instead of showing Tiger's reaction to a shot he has hit, we really should show the reaction of those around him." But here is the next best thing.

"I am walking down the 18th fairway at Firestone Country Club with Ernie Els and Tiger. Tiger has just popped up a three-wood about 40 yards behind Ernie into some wet, nasty, and horrible six-inch rough," Feherty says. "Tiger's cursing and taking clumps out of Ohio with his three-wood. Of course, we are not showing this on TV, because we want to be able to interview him later. Ernie and I walk past Tiger's ball, and it is truly buried.

"Ernie, tied with Tiger, is in the middle of the fairway. I am standing with Ernie and my microphone is open. Ken Venturi [in the CBS booth] sends the TV commentary to me, and I say, "Tiger has 184 yards with two big red oaks overhanging the green. He has got absolutely nothing. With a stick of dynamite and a sand wedge, he might be able to move this ball 50 yards."

Steve Williams [Woods' caddie] tells me [with a hand signal] that Woods is using a
pitching wedge. Tiger takes his swing. Every muscle in his body is flung at the ball. It
looks like he has torn his nutsack. The divot went as far as I could hit the ball. I've got my microphone at my mouth thinking, what the hell was that!

The ball sails over the trees, lands behind the hole and backs up to about six feet from the flag. I open my microphone, and Ernie Els turns to me and says, 'Fuck me!'

My producer comes on in my earpiece and says, 'Was that Ernie?' I say yes. My producer says, 'Fair enough.'

I could have described that shot for 15 minutes and not done as good a job as Ernie Els did with two words. Ernie is one of the best players in the world, and, if you want to know how good Tiger really is, just ask Ernie Els!!

Trip to NYC - Pats vs. Jets

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I AM IRONMAN! - Coming May 2008

Wine - Most Expensive Wines by Category of All Time

Wine - Most Expensive Wines by Category of All Time

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of
unmodified grape juice. The natural chemical balance of grapes is such
that they ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes or
other nutrients. Wine making has been around for centuries and wine
collections can be worth millions of dollars. At auction one bottle was
sold for $160,000, however at a charity event a bottle was sold for
$500,000. Below we present the most expensive wines by category of all

1) Chateau Lafite 1787

- sold at Christie's London in 1985 for $160,000. This wine bottle was purchased for a private collection and prominently features the initials of Thomas Jefferson etched into the glass. This practice was not unusual in the 18th century when large purchases were made directly from the Chateau.

the rest of the list here:

Wine - Most Expensive Wines by Category of All Time

The New 7 Wonders

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Final Meal Requests

this is a list of Final Meal Request, of prisoners on DEATH ROW



Two bacon double cheeseburgers, French fries,
onion rings, ketchup, cole slaw, two diet Cokes, one quart of milk, one pint
of rocky road ice cream, one pint of fried okra, salad dressing, tomato, and




Chicken fried steak, gravy, French fries, ketchup,
salad, blue cheese dressing, iced tea with lemon, two sodas, rolls, and butter



None requested

Black, Sr.


One steak (medium well), fried chicken (wings and
thighs), French fries, mushroom gravy, mixed steamed vegetables, chocolate
fudge cake, peach cobbler, sweet tea, bread, and chef salad with Italian
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Chismillionare's jaw hits the floor for 795 Fifth Ave

All for a cool 70 million- 5 fireplaces, a terrace, and yes a bathroom you can play baseball in!

Office Timetable

Follow up post- Lamborghini Reventon

Chismillionare will pass- an extra 700 grand nets you just 20hp over the LP640? That's an awful lot to ask for cosmetic changes. Go figure thought that all 20 units planned have already been sold. Proves there is a lot of stiffs out there.

This car is a show pony- all hat no cattle. No doubt it may make a cameo in the next Batman: Dark Knight.

Got a million to spare on one vehicle? Bugatti Veyron is still the one to beat!