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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Movie Trailer: Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The movie trailer for Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona has hit the web, in preparation of the film’s premiere at Cannes. The story follows “two young American women, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) come to Barcelona for a summer holiday. Vicky is sensible and engaged to be married; Cristina is emotionally and sexually adventurous. In Barcelona, they’re drawn into a series of unconventional romantic entanglements with Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem), a charismatic painter, who is still involved with his tempestuous ex-wife Maria Elena (Penélope Cruz). Set against the luscious Mediterranean sensuality of Barcelona, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is Woody Allen’s funny and open-minded celebration of love in all its configurations.”

It certainly looks like Woody Allen’s sexiest movie. I’m sure a lot of men will check it out just for the scene where Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz get it on. And apparently there’s apparently a sexy threesome scene between Bardem, Johansson and Cruz. Although there is something creepy about knowing that Woody Allen is standing behind the camera. Wait, didn’t he write this movie too? If you were a 72-year-old famous Hollywood director, what’s to stop you from essentially writing a dream porn where you could cast your fantasy starlets. I’m sure we’ll hear more about the movie when it premieres at Cannes.

AT&T to boost 3G speeds more than fivefold by 2009

AT&T said Wednesday it plans to boost the speed of its 3G wireless network to speeds of 20 megabits per second in 2009, paving the way for over-the-air downloads that are more than five times faster than what customers can achieve today.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley's annual Communications Conference, the company's mobility chief Ralph de la Vega said engineers already have a version of AT&T's HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) 3G network up and running in the labs at speeds of 7.2 megabits per second, or approximately double the theoretical throughput of its existing network.

"It's clear to us that we are in the very early stages of what I would call a wireless data revolution," he said.

AT&T plans to transition to HSPA release 7 sometime in 2009, which will deliver even bigger speeds "exceeding 20 megabits per second," according to the executive. He said the upgrade will require few if any hardware modifications to the company's infrastructure and will instead be a smooth transition achieved largely through a software upgrade to its electronics.

De la Vega also said that his firm has "a clear and logical path" to 700MHz 4G access via the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard in the 2010 timeframe which should again increase speeds fivefold to nearly 100 megabits per second.

"[The] steps to get there are very logical and they're all building on the same GSM technology that we've been using for a while," he explained. "LTE will allow for backwards compatibility to GSM and HSPA, which is a great benefit to customers. And our path forward to LTE allows us to get there step-by-step, with interim steps that will deliver more and more speeds everyday."

De la Vega was similarly excited about AT&T's growth opportunities in the smart phone market given upcoming handsets from Apple and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, noting that just 16 percent of the company's postpaid customers currently own integrated devices.

"So upside on further penetration is substantial," he said.

Vader Feels Blue

Japanese Custom Scooters - Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Blah

There are stock motorcycles and there are custom cruisers, and then there are these Japanese custom cycles... call them gaudy, overdone or just off the wall, but you can never call 'em ordinary!

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How to Pack Everything You Own in One Bag

Listen Now [5 min 13 sec]

Blue suitcase
Özgür Donmaz

Going on a trip? Now that airlines are charging for more than one checked bag, packing efficiently is the name of the game.

Bundle Wrapping

A diagram instructs travelers how to pack efficiently.
Doug Dyment

Doug Dyment of has created a diagram to illustrate how to save space in a suitcase.

Choose the Right Bag

Dyment says he doesn't recommend a bag with wheels because it's more than three times as heavy as one without wheels.

All Things Considered, May 9, 2008 · With more and more airlines charging extra to check a second piece of baggage, packing light has become a necessity.

Next week, AirTran Airways and American Airlines will join Northwest, Delta, US Airways, United and Continental in requiring passengers to pay a fee if they can't cram all their clothes, shoes, books, and hairdryers into one bag to check.

But one packing expert says it is possible to put your belongings in a single piece of luggage.

Doug Dyment, whose Web site is devoted to the art of traveling light, says the key is to make a list in advance of what to pack and stick with it. He has developed a master list over the years that people can use as a starting point for creating their own.

"If it's not on your list, it shouldn't be in your bag," Dyment tells NPR's Michele Norris. "What happens with people is that they pack before their trip, and that packing activity consists mostly of talking to yourself and saying, 'Well I might need this and I might need that and what if the queen invites me to dinner?' And that's death to light packing."

Dyment advises people to think of what their lists look like well before a trip — literally writing it down and then checking off each item.

For an international trip to India and Russia, Dyment drew up a list four columns long with more than 100 items. But he says they were small and didn't take up much space or add much weight — and it included the clothes he was wearing.

Dyment has two big tricks for packing a bag correctly: Don't let any space go unused, and wrap your clothes in bundles.

"If you're packing a pair of running shoes, say, don't forget there's a lot of space inside those shoes that you can use to pack stuff," he says.

When it comes to clothing, Dyment says travelers who fold items individually, put them in a stack and force them in the suitcase are making a huge mistake.

Instead, he suggests using a technique called bundle wrapping, because it keeps clothes from getting wrinkled and takes up less space.

"You think of laying a shirt flat on your bed and placing this bundle where the chest would go and then gently wrap the sleeves around the bundle, and then bring the bottom up and wrap it around the top," he says.

Bundle wrapping works better than rolling up the clothes, says Dyment, noting that the rolling method isn't much better than individually folding and stacking.

Of course, you can't bundle wrap shoes, the bulkiest item.

"Never take more than two pairs of shoes," Dyment says. "In lots of business situations these days, you can buy shoes that are quite dressy looking and yet their internal construction is more like a high-quality running shoe."

For women, Dyment suggests limiting shoes to a pair of low heels and a pair of dressy strappy sandals. In cold-weather climates, he recommends boots with low heels in place of sandals.

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The 10 Unmanliest Drinks In The World

May 1st, 2008 by Mitch Martin

A couple of weeks ago Holy Taco put together a list of the 11 manliest cocktails in the world. We thought we would take it the other way and put together a list of the ten drinks you shouldn’t be caught dead with. Whether you are out with the boys or trying to scam on some ladies there is no excuse to be sipping anyone of these unmanly drinks.

Wine Spritzer - First off what the fuck is a spritzer? Secondly why would any man that has a pair be caught dead with one?
Apple-tini - If you are man and you are holding a martini glass the liquid inside better be clear or brown not neon fuck green. Basically you shouldn’t drink anything that has a “-tini” in the drink name. Apple-tini, Choco-tini, etc.
Blow Job Shot - This is a classic shot of choice for bachelorette parties and girls-night-out activities. If a man is caught taking one of these shots, it either means that he has lost a bet, gay, or in the process of a sex-change.
Vodka w/ Cranberry Juice - “It’s a natural diuretic. My girlfriend drinks it when she’s got her period. What, do you got your period?” –The Departed
Mike’s Hard Anything - There is nothing hard about any of these drinks, they are fruit flavored sugar bombs. Just because they sell them at sporting events doesn’t make them acceptable.

Water - If you need a break then man up and drink a Bud Light like everybody else.
Michelob Ultra - There is no such thing as a beer that goes with working out. If you are going to drink a beer, drink a fucking beer and don’t be a goddamn sissy.
Anything with Diet Coke - I don’t care if you are mixing it with rum or JD, there is nothing manly about announcing to the entire bar that you are watching your calorie intake.
Zima w/ Jolly Rancher - This was the favorite drink of the high school chicks back in my day. Enough said.
Cosmopolitan - a good rule is that if the ladies on Sex and the City drink it there is no excuse for you to have it in your hand.

The 11 Manliest Cocktails In The World

You wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a cosmo, but all your friends will be drinking these at your funeral.

irish car bomb manliest cocktails
11. Irish Car Bomb
Why is it manly?: What’s manlier than going mano-a-beero with a pint of the world’s thickest stout mixed with a shot of whiskey? Knowing that if you don’t chug it fast enough, you’ll be downing chunks of curdled Bailey’s cream.
3/4 pint Guinness stout
1/2 shot Bailey’s Irish cream
1/2 shot Jameson Irish whiskey

moonshine manliest cocktail
10. Kentucky Tea
Why is it manly:? You can get shot in the face by an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms federal agent just for making this cocktail.
1 mason jar halfway full of moonshine
Fill the jar with branch water

rusty nail manliest cocktails
9. Rusty Nail
Why is it manly?: I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but there’s something oddly macho about asking your girlfriend if she would like to sip on your Rusty Nail.
¾ oz. scotch
¼ oz. Drambuie

manliest cocktails snake bite
8. Snake Bite
Why is it manly?: Anytime a drink is compared to a snake sinking its fangs into you and depositing venom in your bloodstream, chances are, it’s probably pretty stiff. Basically it’s straight up Yukon Jack, which has been known to make balls hairy. The only reason there’s a dash of lime juice is so you won’t get scurvy.
2 oz Yukon Jack liqueur
1 dash Lime juice

jagerade manliest cocktails
7. Jagerade
Why is it manly?: To be honest, I don’t know if this is manly or just gross. Either way, a man can never get enough electrolytes.
8 oz chilled Gatorade energy drink
4 oz Jagermeister herbal liqueur

gin and juice manliest cocktails
6. Gin and Juice
Why is it manly?: Snoop Dogg likes to drink this when there are bitches in his living room gettin’ it on until six o’clock in the morning, so that has to be worth something. Gin and juice was also the morning cocktail of soldiers and officers in WWII. That’s right, this is what you drank right before you killed a bunch of Nazis. You can’t say that about Malibu and pineapple.
2 1/2 ounces Gin.
1 oz. orange juice.
Equal parts mind on your money and money on your mind

nuclear waste keith richards manliest cocktails
5. Nuclear Waste
Why is it manly?: This is the only thing Keith Richards drinks now. According to the man himself, “”Whiskey wasn’t agreeing with me anymore. The old body couldn’t take it. Brandy is a killer, and wine is best with food, so somehow I settled on this. Plenty of ice. Lovely.” If it’s good enough for Mr. Richards, it’s good enough for this list.
2 oz. premium vodka
1 oz. Sunkist or any orange soda
Plenty of ice

tequila sunrise manliest cocktails
4. Tequila Sunrise
Why is it manly?:First off, it’s a breakfast cocktail. And secondly, “2 measures tequila” is short for, “as much tequila as your glass will hold.” It may look a little fruity but it’s about as tropical as a back alley in Tijuana.
2 measures Tequila
Orange juice
2 dashes Grenadine

sazerac manliest cocktails
3. The Original Sazerac
What makes it manly?: This cocktail takes the classic New Orleans recipe and adds—what else—a nice, healthy addition of Absinthe. Because if huffing rye whiskey doesn’t make you a man, mixing it with mythical psychadelic liquor that tastes like cough syrup will make sure everyone knows you have a penis.
1 tsp Sugar
1-1/2 oz Rye whiskey
1 Dash Herbsaint, Pernod or Absinthe (to coat the glass)
2 dashes Peychaud bitters
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 Lemon peel twist

martini manliest drinks cocktails
2. Martini
Why is it manly?: Well, it’s pretty much straight alcohol, with just enough vermouth to remind you that you’re not drinking disinfectant. Plus, James Bond drinks it, and he bangs lots of chicks and beats the crap out of dudes with names that describe a hideous disfigurement they have that also provides them with some sort of physical superiority.
2 1/2 oz Gin
1 1/2 tsp Dry Vermouth
1 Olive

manhattan manly drinks
1. Manhattan:
Why is it manly: You may say “it’s got a cherry, nothing with a cherry is manly.” Well, nibble on this: It’s notorious for being the favorite drink of the Italian Mafia, who are notorious for killing people. I’m not saying killing somebody makes you a man, but it’s probably not the best idea to call someone who just threw someone off a bridge a “cherry drinking pansy.”
*3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth
2 1/2 oz Rye whiskey
dash Angostura bitters
1 Maraschino cherry

Portion Size, Then and Now

By: Liz Monte

Over the past few decades, portion sizes of everything from muffins to sandwiches have grown considerably. Unfortunately, America’s waistbands have reacted accordingly. In the 1970s, around 47 percent of Americans were overweight or obese; now 66 percent of us are. In addition, the number of just obese people has doubled, from 15 percent of our population to 30 percent.

While increased sizes haven’t been the sole contributor to our obesity epidemic, large quantities of cheap food have distorted our perceptions of what a typical meal is supposed to look like. These portion comparisons, adapted from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s (NHLBI) Portion Distortion Quiz, give a visual representation of what sizes used to be compared to what they are today.

Two Slices of Pizza

Twenty years ago Today
500 calories 850 calories

Those extra 350 calories, if eaten a two times a month, would put on two extra pounds a year, or forty pounds in the next two decades.

Cup of Coffee

Twenty years ago Today
Coffee with milk and sugar Grande café mocha with whip, 2% milk
8 ounces 16 ounces
45 calories 330 calories

When our parents ordered a coffee two decades ago, they weren’t given as many size options—a standard cup of joe was eight ounces, the size of a small coffee cup. Nowadays, most of us feel like we don’t get our money’s worth unless the cup is at least twelve ounces; it’s not unusual to see thirty-two ounce coffee cups, four times the size they used to be. When made into a mocha, the morning coffee has as many calories as a full meal.

Movie Popcorn

Twenty Years Ago Today
5 cups Tub
270 calories 630 calories

We don’t have to eat those extra 360 calories in the tub of popcorn, but that’s easier said than (not) done. Studies indicate that when given food in larger containers, people will consume more. In a 1996 Cornell University study, people in a movie theater ate from either medium (120g) or large (240g) buckets of popcorn, then divided into two groups based on whether they liked the taste of the popcorn. The results: people with the large size ate more than those with the medium size, regardless of how participants rated the taste of the popcorn.


Twenty Years Ago Today—Noah’s Plain Bagel
3-inch diameter 5-6-inch diameter
140 calories 350 calories

Because portions are now so large, it’s hard to understand what a “serving size” is supposed to be. Today’s bagel counts for three servings of bread, but many of us would consider it one serving. Larger sizes at restaurants have also contributed to larger sizes when eating at home. A study comparing eating habits today with twenty years ago found that participants poured themselves about 20 percent more cornflakes and 30 percent more milk than twenty years ago.


Twenty years ago Today’s Burger
333 calories 590 calories

According to a 2007 paper published in the Journal of Public Health Policy, portion sizes offered by fast food chains are two to five times larger than when first introduced. When McDonald’s first started in 1955, its only hamburger weighed around 1.6 ounces; now, the largest hamburger patty weighs 8 ounces, an increase of 500 percent. And while a Big Mac used to be considered big, it’s on the smaller side of many burger options. At Burger King, you can get the Triple Whopper; at Ruby Tuesday’s there’s the Colossal Burger; and Carl’s Junior has the Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger.


Original 8-ounce bottle 12 ounce can 20-ounce bottle
97 calories 145 calories 242 calories

While the 12-ounce can used to be the most common soda option, many stores now carry only the 20-ounce plastic bottle, which contains 2.5 servings of soda. When presented with these larger sizes, humans have a hard time regulating our intake or figuring out what a serving size is supposed to be. A 2004 study, published in Appetite, gave people potato chips packaged in bags that looked the same, but increased in size. As package size increased, so did consumption; subjects ate up to 37 percent more with the bigger bags. Furthermore, when they ate dinner later that day, they did not reduce their food consumption to compensate for increased snack calories—a recipe for weight gain.


It’s not just food portions that have increased; plate, bowl, and cup sizes have as well. In the early 1990s, the standard size of a dinner plate increased from 10 to 12 inches; cup and bowl sizes also increased. Larger eating containers can influence how much people eat. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that when people were given larger bowls and spoons they served themselves larger portions of ice cream and tended to eat the whole portion.


32 ounces 44 ounces 64 ounces
388 calories 533 calories 776 calories
$0.99 $1.09 $1.19

We Americans love to get the most bang for our buck. When confronted with a 32-ounce drink for 99 cents versus a 44-ounce drink for ten cents more, the decision is easy. You’d have to be a sucker not to go big. But our ability to get the most out of our dollar doesn’t always serve us well. Value pricing, which gets us a lot more food or drink for just a little increase in price, makes sense from an economic standpoint, but is sabotage from a health standpoint. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that Americans consume around 10 percent more calories than they did in the 1970s. Given no change in physical activity, this equates to around 200 extra calories per day, or 20 pounds a year.

What is normal?

Increased portion sizes give us more calories, encourage us to eat more, distort perceptions of appropriate food quantities, and along with sedentary lifestyles, have contributed to our national bulge. Unless you’re trying to gain weight, it might help to reacquaint yourself with serving sizes. The NHLBI tells us that a serving of meat should be the size of a deck of cards while one pancake should be the size of a CD. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a scaling down of food to these sizes anytime soon, so perhaps we should all become familiar with another image: the doggy bag.

First published May 2008

Pratt and Miller C6RS - The Ultimate Corvette

The Ultimate Expression of the Corvette

There are lots of tuner Corvettes out there, but few come from actual racing companies. And only one comes from an outfit that has won at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, not to mention every road-racing venue in North America. And that would be the 2008 Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS.

Blindingly powerful, incredibly sexy and surprisingly refined, the 600-horsepower C6RS is like a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, only better in every way. Really, it's practically a 2009 Corvette ZR1. Just don't call it a tuner car, at least not to Pratt & Miller's face.

"The C6RS is definitely not a tuner car," said Brandon Widmer, Pratt & Miller spokesman. Rather, he says, the Corvette Z06-based C6RS is "a fully developed supercar with a genuine racing heritage."

Turns out, it's a heritage that comes through loud and clear.

Big Noise From Michigan
Based since 1989 in New Hudson, Michigan, Pratt & Miller Engineering and Fabrication is pretty much unheard of outside the racing world. But Pratt & Miller has been GM's unofficial racing team for quite some time, building race-winning versions of the Chevrolet Corvette and the Cadillac CTS-V. The company is most famous for its class-winning efforts at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Corvette C5-R and C6.R, plus seven consecutive class championships in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS).

But Pratt & Miller has never built a road car. And it probably wouldn't have built the C6RS if some folks at Chevrolet hadn't asked Pratt & Miller to develop a package that could stimulate the sales of aftermarket accessories for the Corvette. The Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS appeared at the 2007 SEMA show with Jay Leno leaning on the front fender.

One could say that the project got a little out of control. Though the car starts as a standard Corvette, Pratt & Miller leaves virtually nothing intact during its transformation. Think Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, not Corvette hot rod.

"There is not a part on this car you can bolt on," says Pratt & Miller's Widmer proudly.

The Opposite of Stock
The 2008 Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS might look largely stock, but it ain't. During the transformation, lightweight carbon-fiber pieces replace all the bodywork, the deck lid and the coupe's targa bar. The hood features a huge waterfall vent to help extract heat from the engine beneath. The most distinctive aspect of the Pratt & Miller bodywork is the louvered fenders, a design borrowed directly from the Corvette C6.R racecar.

Wider fenders cover the massive 295/30R18 front and 345/30R19 rear tires, which are wrapped around racing-style, center-lock BBS wheels with 11-inch rims in front and 13.6-inch rims in the rear. As a result, the C6RS ends up 1.6 inches wider than the Corvette Z06. You really notice it from the rear, where the uncluttered rear end with its carbon-fiber aero diffuser makes a standard Z06 look positively puny.

The carbon-fiber front fascia is all business, with two brake ducts per side and a pronounced aero splitter that skims the pavement. No, you don't want to be charging up steep driveways in this car. (Fortunately the C6RS has a lift system to help jack up the nose in such cases.)

Unexpected Refinement
Likewise, the C6RS's interior is not the industrial zone you see in a racing car but instead a typical Corvette interior, only with soft, hand-stitched leather and unique Lear-built seats.

But the most significant change inside involves something you can't see or feel, but rather can hear. You see, all the standard Corvette's regular acoustic insulation has been replaced by 80 pounds of thick, multilayer Dynamat, even inside the door panels and under the cargo floor.

The result is a cabin virtually free of random ambient noise — well, aside from the sound of the engine. Imagine the exhaust rumble of a 500-cubic-inch V8 piped into your ears with noise-canceling headphones — pure power and nothing but.

The Heart of the Matter
We've tried to be good so far and pretend the Pratt & Miller C6RS is a reasonable automobile for adult drivers, but the whole reason to buy a car from a racing technology company is really the engine, isn't it?

Glove-soft, French-stitched leather is nice, but you might as well be sitting on a pile of newspaper once you press the C6RS's start button and 8.2 liters of race-bred fantastic-ness comes to life.

It comes from Katech Engine Development in Clinton, Michigan, another partner in GM's racing efforts. The architecture is the same as the Corvette Z06's 7.0-liter LS7 V8, but this new aluminum block has been stroked to 4.5 inches, while the Nicom-coated, liner-less cylinders effectively offer a 4.2-inch bore. The result is an all-aluminum, 500-cubic-inch (8.2-liter) V8 that produces a very big noise, which is what you'd expect from 600 hp at 5,800 rpm and 600 pound-feet of torque at 4,600 rpm.

We had our chance at the Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, and we all but forgot our names when we first stabbed the throttle. The redline is just 6,200 rpm (down from the Z06's 7,000 rpm), thanks to all the piston speed from this long-stroke V8; and it comes up mighty quick when you're charging through the gears.

How quick is the C6RS, say, to 60 mph? "We know it's in the low 3s, but we have nothing official," Pratt & Miller's Widmer says.

Well, it feels that fast. We weren't able to test the C6RS formally (nor even drive it on public roads, we must admit), but we spent a full day in the Z06s of the Spring Mountain Advanced Driving Academy, and the C6RS felt faster — much faster.

Additional satisfaction comes courtesy of the C6RS's blueprinted six-speed manual transmission. The terrifically precise, short-throw shift linkage works with a surprisingly light-effort, progressive-action clutch so quick shifts are virtually goof-proof. The Corvette C6RS makes shifting gears a joy on its own, never mind the 600 lb-ft of torque that's a reward for getting it right.

Power Gets to the Ground
The C6RS also has astounding grip. The suspension is little changed from the Z06's components, but Pratt & Miller has tuned the dampers and an Arvin Meritor Dynamic Height Control system uses air bladders to adjust the ride height. (Raise it an inch for errands to the store or lower it an inch and a half for track work.)

The C6RS feels planted to the pavement and utterly loyal to your chosen line through the corners, thanks in large part to the use of Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Corsa tires that are sticky, yet offer an amazingly compliant ride. As a result, cornering speeds are astounding, but they don't come at the expense of your vertebral alignment. "That was a huge goal for us," says Widmer. "We did not want a racecar-type ride."

But Pratt & Miller did want racecar-type stopping power, and so a Brembo Grand Turismo brake package has been fitted. Six-piston front calipers clamp 14-inch rotors, while four-piston rear calipers work with 13.5-inch rotors. Vented, cross-drilled steel rotors and plenty of cooling through the new ventilation ducts help produce brilliant stopping power, as these brakes show virtually no trace of fade even after three hours of flogging on the track.

Cubic Inches Cost Cubic Dollars
As you might imagine, a list of component upgrades so rife with brand names to make any automotive label-whore salivate doesn't make the 2008 Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS exactly cheap. The price of the Pratt & Miller upgrades is $186,000, and you still have to supply the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 to start with.

This adds up to a total of $260,000, give or take a few grand. Of course this includes a two-day driving school taught by the legendary Ron Fellows, the ALMS-winning Corvette driver who even had a special-edition Corvette named after him. More important, it includes a two-year/24,000-mile warranty.

Wanna save money? P&M can do the same trick on any '05-or-newer Corvette C6 coupe or convertible. (So far, three cars are built, and seven orders have been taken.) It even offers a package for cars with an automatic transmission. But we're still talking about a quarter-million bucks for a Corvette.

Sure, the C6RS is probably the nicest Corvette in the world, rethought and reengineered in nearly every way, and it transforms the Corvette into an exotic that can hold its own with a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560. We expect that Pratt & Miller's goal of selling 25 C6RSs per year will probably barely satisfy wealthy Corvette racing fans for whom the upcoming Corvette ZR1 will be too common.

What's the ultimate Corvette worth, anyway?

Mario Kart Wii Driving School- today at City Hall Plaza

Mario Kart Wii Driving School

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