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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lohan is Cured Again.........for now...the Holidays are just around the corner


At least one source says today that Lindsay Lohan has left the Cirque Lodge in Utah, seemingly a sign that she has completed her stay in rehab. She reportedly packed her things yesterday and left with her father, Michael Lohan, with whom she has had an estranged relationship with in the past.

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optical illusions and architecture

optical illusions and architecture


some of these are deliberate, others aren’t.

however each illusion relies on some form of architecture and all create an effect which deserves to be mentioned.

1. this incredible picture was captured by a flickr user in california whilst at work. a fog descended just as the sun set behind the building in shot. the result - one of the spookiest photographs of a building you’ll ever witness.

2. The lichtenstein house is an extremely deceiving illusion created by roy lichtenstein.

as the angle upon which it’s viewed changes, the house shifts in an unusual way by playing with perspective. the best way to try and understand it is by watching the video clip below the photos.

3. the following selection of buildings have the uncanny ability to look 2d simply due to the angle of one of the building’s corners.

the effect is some extremely fragile looking constructions, seemingly impossible to enter for a human being.

unknown building, paris…

bossone research centre, philadelphia…

unknown building…

john hancock tower, boston…

unknown building, hamburg

4. the stairway to nowhere.

an art exhibit in munich, this stairway reminds me of m.c.escher and looks just as mental from the side.

5. not strictly an illusion but a great photo of the olympic stadium in montreal.

so who copied who?

6. the next illusions were created by swiss artist felice varini and are really fucking clever. the required result can only be viewed from one place in the room and the illusion is created using a projected image which is then painted onto the relevant surfaces.

here’s an example on film…

7. one of the classic optical illusions has bizarrely been applied to the building shown below.

in case you’re unaware of the trick, all of the orange lines are parallel.

8. this is the painted floor of sunshine city in tokyo.

it just illustrates the power of shading. one of the simplest illusions to create but also one of the most effective.

9. a car park in seattle.

are the levels of the car park horizontal or sloping?

The Cutting Edge: Bicycle Lawnmowing

The Cutting Edge: Bicycle Lawnmowing

by Warren McLaren, Sydney on 09.28.07

Mower-BOB.jpgThere we were, ruminating on just what gizmos creative minds will dream up to win fame and glory (plus cash and bike) in the Specialized Innovate or Die competition, and in a totally unrelated web search, happened upon the 'B.O.B. Mower,' which looks like a customised Sunlawn mower, attached to B.O.B. bike trailer linkage.

All the fossil-fuel-free goodness of a push (reel) lawnmower with the superior strength of legs over arms in a bicycle. Genius! Whether it works or not we don’t know. But just the idea makes us feel better. And, of course, all good design is just evolutionary so it stands to reason the idea has been developed before.

And boy, has it ever. Take a peek, after the fold, at the plethora of bicycle-lawn mower combos we've dug up. Image above from ::Planet Natural, though it seems the originals are from Lawnmower Bob.


Exhibit A - Barkdust


Exhibit B - Ypsidixit


Exhibit C - Unplugged Living


Exhibit D - Hermanson


Exhibit E - Bikehugger


Exhibit F - Wooden Bikes


Exhibit G - Flickr


Exhibit H - Harley Heartbeat


Exhibit I - Cyclecide


Exhibit J - Gelsing


Exhibit K - Maynard AAC

HotCut Barbershop in Poland

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Chismillionare's combo barber shop, cigar lounge, bar and game room idea will be realized.

Rare wines found in forgotten cellar

One way to make sure Men wash there hands

The Most Amazing Graffiti Street Art From Around the World


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