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Friday, July 15, 2011

Trailer for The Thing Prequel is Awesome


Later this fall a movie called The Thing will be unleashed in theaters. This isn’t a blasphemous remake of the classic John Carpenter movie (which itself was a remake), but rather a prequel to the Carpenter film showing what happened to the researchers prior to that movie. It’s an awesome idea for a prequel, and it’s looking as if they pulled it off perfectly.

The movie will be R rated, and from the trailer below it looks like its doing a very good job replicating the tone of the Carpenter version. You heard of the research team in that movie, and this one will show how they discovered the Thing and how they were wiped out. It’s been too long since we’ve had a scifi/horror movie like this and hopefully it’ll revive the genre.

Rare Phenomena: Photo of Frozen Bubbles Trapped Beneath Lake Surface

7 Awesome Images That Will Make You Mourn The Space Shuttle


Last week marked the final official mission of the Space Shuttle. It's over: No more manned space missions on the agenda. As of now, America is pursuing a "flexible path" space-flight program, which essentially means we have nothing. They'll say the program died because of funding cuts and age, but that's not the whole story. Astronauts and the Space Shuttle used to reign as the unquestionable rulers of badass, but then somewhere along the line, cultural opinion shifted, and somehow wrapping a man in a giant metal bullet and firing him into the face of the void became thought of as stuffy and boring. The space program didn't die because of budgetary concerns; it died because we forgot how goddamn awesome it was. And that's something we had no excuse for doing, as these images will prove:

#7. Burn Down the Sky

This is the Saturn V rocket, carrying the Apollo 11 moon mission:
This is the Discovery launch:
This is the Athena II:
These images bring up an important question: At what point did we forget that the Space Shuttle was, essentially, a program that strapped human beings to an explosion and tried to stab through the sky with fire and math? How jaded do we have to be to lose collective interest in that? We celebrate the 4th of July every year, all across the nation. If explosions are that important to us, why don't we just channel a third of our yearly fireworks budget into one big bastard of a shot -- one mad, screaming, man-made asteroid hurled right back up into the face of nature, just to prove to the bitch that she doesn't have a lock on that kind of thing?
The Endeavour, mankind's polite rebuttal to the meteor strike.

#6. What Void?

With most photographs being taken in the contextless void, it's easy to forget that astronauts are just human beings wrapped up in fancy clothes, floating miles up in the air, surrounded on all sides by a lethal nothing. And then you see an image like this:
An image that really drives home the fact that these are people -- tiny, fragile beings that die if they swallow a pretzel wrong or slip in the shower -- and they're existing so far removed from the planet they could be saying, "Oh excuse me, New Zealand, I didn't see you there."
Space is a vast and frightening thing; it is an extreme and murderous absence; it's the closest physical metaphor for the disturbing unknowns that follow death; space is a villain from a children's book -- it's the Nothing from The NeverEnding Story. And now, here's Bruce McCandless, an astronaut on the Challenger, taking the first untethered spacewalk.
He had no ties to any earthly bond whatsoever, he was hundreds of miles beyond the point where the sky gives up, and he said, "No, thank you," to a lifeline, then went for a bit of a constitutional ... into the abyss.

#5. Battle Tanks are GO!

Remember those famous pictures of the Mars rovers, where they looked like tiny, plastic, chintzy little toys?
Well, this is what the new model, Curiosity, looks like:
It looks like something that should be laying siege to G.I. Joe Headquarters. It looks like it's about to call Optimus Prime a pussy and then kill John Connor for good this time.
The NASA PR campaigns showed us the rover looking tiny, flat, kind of bland, and nobody cared. No matter how crazy awesome it was that we were playing RC cars on Mars, the public didn't have a catchy visual, so everybody wrote it off as more dry science stuff. But look at that thing again: Every kid in the world needs a toy version of that, and they need it right now, because that's how kids need everything. Release a scaled down RC car of Curiosity, call it something like "CrushStomper," slap a couple of ads up on episodes of Bakugan, and there you go: You've got NASA funded for the next 10 years.

#4. He's Got the Whole World ... in His Face.

Odds are you're at work right now, reading this instead of collating or conglomerating or whatever adults with real jobs are supposed to do. Also, odds are your cell phone has a camera in it. So let's perform a quick social experiment: Fire it up, and take a self-portrait of you just doing your job, right now.
How'd that picture turn out?
Does that gripping image of you making crude pixel-tits in Excel fill onlookers with awe and wonder? Does that photograph of you quietly mourning the death of the last Red Bull capture the insanity, beauty and existential terror of mankind's progress?
Funny, because when Clay Anderson, flight engineer for Expedition 15 tried this same experiment at his job ...
... it totally did all of those things like a motherfucker.



#3. Thrust Diamonds

That's the engine of an SR-71 Blackbird being tested, but you can be forgiven if you panicked just now and slapped at the button that calls James Bond into your office. (Also, hey, thanks for reading, Q! Big fan.) The shapes in that Death Ray up there aren't tricks of the camera, either -- they're called Thrust Diamonds, and to NASA, that shit ain't even a thing.
Brother can't take a dump up in NASA without firing off some Thrust Diamonds.

#2. The Crawler-Transporters

If you're the kind of person that skips right to the moneyshot when watching porn, you've probably only seen the actual take-off portion of a shuttle launch. And hey, if a missile being fired into the throat of the unknown armed with a warhead of "dudes who just don't give a fuck" doesn't impress you, surely nothing else about the launch process will.
How about the world's largest tank?
The machine that brings the shuttle to the launchpad is called a crawler-transporter, and it's the largest self-powered land vehicle in the world. They're twin mobile platforms weighing 3,000-tons a piece, 131-feet-long by 114-feet-wide, driven by a crew of 30, and powered by four 1,400 (not a typo) horsepower engines, one on each corner. That big, fuck-all structure holding the shuttle up there? Here it is cruising down the highway.
For scale, here it is next to a human being:
It's like taking an oil rig out for a spin.
It costs the USA $1 billion more than NASA's entire budget to provide air conditioning for the Armed Forces in the Middle East. Clearly, our national priorities are skewed towards conflict. That's kind of messed up, but OK, fine: Objectively, we know the crawler-transporter isn't armed or armored, but next time we start a war, let's do it by driving Hans and Franz up there (their actual names, by the way) right into the other guys' capital. I promise you, that war would be won in an afternoon.
I mean, would you shoot at it?

#1. The Space Shuttle is Metal as F*ck

Here's the Space Shuttle doing its best impression of a Dio album cover.
Large version.
This isn't some lucky fluke shot, either. Lightning loves itself some Shuttle. Here's another:
Large version.
Jesus Christ. That's clearly the tower of some evil techno-wizard.
Holy shit. That's the picture you'd see on the real estate brochure for God's house. Here's another angle:
Large version.
Somewhere, there's a big-haired anime character with a disproportionately large sword who's trying to shut down the shield reactors so he can get in there.
All I've really done here is (hopefully) prove that the Space Shuttle was badass, but I'm an adult now, and I understand that we can't keep funding something just because it's bitchin'. That's not how budgets work; there's no spreadsheet column for "badical." We didn't fund these programs to start with because they were cool; it was because we had to get to space before the Russians, and because we had to establish a sense of national identity in a conflicted period in our nation's history. In a nutshell, we went into space because nothing brings people together like shoving something in somebody else's face.
So in the interest of that: I heard Europe talking the other day, America, and I mean -- I don't want to start anything here, so you didn't hear it from me -- but they were saying you don't go into space anymore because you're scared. Then they said that Italy was a much bigger landwang than Florida, and Africa made some crack about how the Gulf of Mexico must be cold this time of the year, and then all the other continents laughed.
Are you really gonna take that?

Meet the Hotties of the U.S Women’s Soccer Team


 Attractive women are extremely powerful. They can get a man to do practically anything. Guys like me who despise women’s sports and would not be caught dead watching them, are now watching the women’s World Cup.

It is unbelievable how many hot chicks are playing in this tournament. The Swedish team is ridiculous and the U.S team does not need to take a back seat to anyone. It is like watching porn, and yes when they celebrate a goal I am visualizing a girl on girl orgy. Keep the goals coming.

The U.S team will play in the finals against Japan after defeating France 3-1 on Wednesday. Maybe we will get another Brandi Chastain moment.

Not only are the ladies hot, but they have game too.  I have nothing but love for a woman who looks good in and out of uniform.  Additionally, as soccer players, they have the endurance to be animals in the sack, only making them hotter.

Here are my top 3 hotties on the team.

Heather Mitts- The Blonde Beauty   

Alex Morgan- The girl next door

Hope Solo- Definitely a freak in the bedroom


By Robert Bonanni

How Much Sunscreen Should You Be Wearing?


David McCandless at Information Is Beautiful wanted to answer one simple summer question: just how much sunscreen should a “pale geek who burns” wear? As with many simple questions, the answer was quite complex, but thanks to David’s voracious apetite for information and his equally strong drive for making it readable, we bring you his clarifying “Sunscreen Smokescreen:” an in-depth look (without all the smokey, confusing hype) at how much sunscreen you should be smearing on this summer. Surfs up!

Man creates world's only turbine-powered Batmobile [w/video]

From: putsch turbine-powered batmobile

Having a real-life Batmobile in your driveway sounds like a fun idea. Upon closer inspection, however, it's not going to be that exciting. Most often, Batmobile replicas are powered by something like a junkyard-salvaged General Motors 350, featuring an interior reminiscent of a hastily cobbled together 24 Hours of LeMons racer. A man by the name of Casey Putsch decided he wanted a Batmobile to call his own, but he wasn't ready to settle for second-rate.

This particular Putsch is the same man behind Putsch Racing, an outfit that restores, designs and appraises all manner of items automotive. When we said that Casey Putsch wasn't going to settle for a low-rent Batmobile, we meant it. Instead, Putsch has assembled what he says is the only turbine-powered Batmobile in the world.

Under the long hood of Putsch's Batmobile sits a Boeing turboshaft engine plucked from a naval drone helicopter. The power output is rated at 385 horses, which is good for a vehicle that weighs around 2,800 pounds.

Besides the engine upgrade, this Batmobile has an interior that would make Bruce Wayne nod approvingly. That's all you can hope for really, since it's impossible to make Mr. Wayne jealous. Putsch strapped an Apple iPad into the center stack of his super(hero)car, which then acts as his avionics system and also supplies GPS information.

We have footage of Casey Putsch driving his creation available for you after the jump, which is worth it for the sound alone. We also have a handful of photos in the gallery below. Be sure to check out Todd Cooperider's website for more information on this mad machine.

The world's 'wildest' and steepest roller coaster


A Japanese amusement park introduces a ride with a record drop that leaves thrill-seekers screaming

This Japanese roller coaster sends its brave riders on an inverted, 121-degree free fall, making it the steepest drop in the world.
This Japanese roller coaster sends its brave riders on an inverted, 121-degree free fall, making it the steepest drop in the world. Photo: YouTube

The video: The Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Japan has unveiled the world's steepest roller coaster. The Takabisha coaster (Japanese for "dominant") sends riders into an S-shaped 121-degree free fall, beating out the British Flamingoland's Mumbo Jumbo ride, which drops at 112 degrees, and France's Le Timber Drop, with its 113-degree plunge. (See video of a demonstration ride below). These attractions can put thrill-seekers under a G force similar to what jet-fighter pilots experience. The Takabisha's sharp dive sends riders hurtling 141 feet down at 62 mph. It takes just 112 seconds to cover the coaster's 3,281 feet of track. It cost $37 million to build, meaning the park will have to sell some 3 million $12.50 tickets to recover its investment. 

The reaction: The Takabisha coaster isn't just steep, says Sky News. It might be "the world's wildest rollercoaster ride," period. Yes, this looks "terrifying," says Rick Chandler at NBC Sports. If you dare climb on board, you'll hurtle through a "maze of crazy twists and turns that will not only cause you to lose your lunch, but perhaps be hit by that same lunch moments later." You'll definitely need "a good head for heights and a strong stomach" to conquer this white-knuckle ride's seven dizzying loops, says Melissa Thompson at Britain's Mirror. "From the screaming faces of thrill-seekers braving its maiden voyage ... it's clearly a scary experience." Have a look for yourself:

Van Damme Friday - Music Video and Red Band Trailer for Assassination Game

"Jean-Claude" Le Clip, Fabrice Lherminez rend hommage à...

"Jean-Claude" Le Clip, Fabrice Lherminez rend... by FabbLHER

With the exceptional participation of Claude Goetz, professor and friend of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Title for sale on legal download platforms ... / lherminezfabrice

The Clip "Jean-Claude" A Production LhermineZZz
Fabrice Lherminé, SAMUEL LEROY, STEPHANE DELALIEU, JEREMY DESCAMPS, PASCAL EVANGELISTA, GREGORY LOTTE, sacred olive, LUDOVIC GERVOIS, and the special participation of Claude Goetz. Music and lyrics of the title "Jean-Claude" SAMUEL LEROY. Chief Operator DEGNIEAU STEPHANE PIERRE-RICHARD Heads Machino DINSDALE, JEREMIE VALLON, Head Electro RIVER BRUNO, RICHARD steadycam VANDAL, MARINA CAUDRON Decoration, Special Effects Paskal Dengremont (Blackface) Stage Manager and Assistant Lherminé PERRINE, MATHILDE Dhordain Makeup, Photo VINCENT SCHRICKE displays, mounting Production and MELANIE CAUDRON.

Assassination Game (2011) Trailer - Scott Adkins & J.C. Van Damme [HD]

Red Band Trailer