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Friday, July 15, 2011

Van Damme Friday - Music Video and Red Band Trailer for Assassination Game

"Jean-Claude" Le Clip, Fabrice Lherminez rend hommage à...

"Jean-Claude" Le Clip, Fabrice Lherminez rend... by FabbLHER

With the exceptional participation of Claude Goetz, professor and friend of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Title for sale on legal download platforms ... / lherminezfabrice

The Clip "Jean-Claude" A Production LhermineZZz
Fabrice Lherminé, SAMUEL LEROY, STEPHANE DELALIEU, JEREMY DESCAMPS, PASCAL EVANGELISTA, GREGORY LOTTE, sacred olive, LUDOVIC GERVOIS, and the special participation of Claude Goetz. Music and lyrics of the title "Jean-Claude" SAMUEL LEROY. Chief Operator DEGNIEAU STEPHANE PIERRE-RICHARD Heads Machino DINSDALE, JEREMIE VALLON, Head Electro RIVER BRUNO, RICHARD steadycam VANDAL, MARINA CAUDRON Decoration, Special Effects Paskal Dengremont (Blackface) Stage Manager and Assistant Lherminé PERRINE, MATHILDE Dhordain Makeup, Photo VINCENT SCHRICKE displays, mounting Production and MELANIE CAUDRON.

Assassination Game (2011) Trailer - Scott Adkins & J.C. Van Damme [HD]

Red Band Trailer