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Thursday, December 24, 2009

“Family Guy’s” 14 Greatest Star Wars Spoofs So Far



When it comes to Star Wars spoofs, nobody comes close to “Family Guy” (except maybe “Robot Chicken,” but they aren’t on a real network). And with “Family Guy’s” latest Star Wars send up, “Something Something Darkside,” hitting stores, we thought we’d take a look at the greatest Star Wars spoofs the “Family Guy” has done so far. So hold on to your Jawas and try not fart as we take you to a “Family Guy” galaxy that’s far, far away…
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Darth Vadeer, Meter Maid
On Earth, this would be Vader's real life. The only thing missing is a scene of him playing a Cthulhu-themed role-playing game with a bunch of other middle-aged men.
Seth MacFarlane vs. Seth Green
It may have beaten “Family Guy” to the punch on Star Wars spoofs, but “Robot Chicken” is still just a bunch of grown men playing with Star Wars dolls. Your move, Green. Click here to watch the clip on Hulu!
Star Wars Muzak
In Star Wars, even the elevators are action-packed. Well, at least in terms of elevators, they are.
The End
Well done, Peter. We're especially proud that you didn't fart. For a guy like you that's really saying something.
Something Something Something Something Darkside
Just in case you were wondering how the sequel got it's name, here's a clip of the Emperor delivering the titular line. Is it still a titular line if it's in a different movie? Well, anyway, he says it. And it became a title, so there.
Skywalker the Paggro Jerk

If Star Wars were like “America’s Next Top Model,” this scene would totally have been in it. That goes for any reality show, when you think about it. It even goes for any random moment from my life....minus the part about blowing stuff up. I don't want to attract the Department of Homeland Security's attention. Doo doodee doo.
Just Trying to Make an Mpeg
R2 does raise a good point. Why waste time dealing with a crappy OS when you can just make a robot do your work for you? Although he's probably not as persuasive as Lois's bosom. Unless he uses his lasers. It's amazing the things robots can do with lasers. Click here to watch the clip on Hulu!
The Dumpster Couch
Thank God the couch was just in an outer-space garbage pile and not a curb in Brooklyn, or Luke Skywalker would be having serious bed bug problems. And it's not easy to conquer evil when your body is covered with itchy red sores…not that we would know. It...was in the news...honest. Click here to watch the clip!
Obi-Wan's Floppy Dong...errr Lightsaber
Why is it okay for us to laugh at old man Herbert getting a boner from watching a child? Oh, right, it's probably the fact that he's a cartoon. Regardless of helping out his "lightsaber," it seems his love of little boys worked against him in the end. Maybe that's what really distracted the original Obi-Wan too. Click here to watch the video on Hulu!
R2D2 Gets Pissed
It feels like this is what would have been in the original movie if somebody could have translated. Why can't somebody program “Robot” into Google Translate? Or why couldn't they have just built a robot that talks. They clearly had the technology!
Vader's Real Estate Blunders
Darth Vader is clearly the last person you'd want to argue with about anything, especially bad real estate investments in Glendale. It really eats him up inside. Maybe it's his humble upbringing…or his never-ending quest for power.
Cantina Band Rocks Out The Only Way They Know How
Why do they only know one song? Surely they could have at least paid the composer to come up with eight more bars. Is that asking too much?
The Time of My Life
Here is Herbert the Pervert, America's most (only?) lovable pedophile, singing what has undoubtedly become the most touching tribute to Patrick Swayze in history. Sorry Jennifer Grey, this version is better. Plus, it doesn't confuse everyone by clearly being an 80's song set in a movie that was supposed to take place in the sixties. Storm Troopers doing choreographed dancing to it makes more sense than that.
Pardon Me....
It's nice to know that Grey Poupon humor is universal. Even the Jawas get it. Or else they were actually trading the mustard for other goods. That's probably more likely.