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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pats Cheerleader Fired For Pics With Drunken, Grafittied Pal

A New England Patriots cheerleader was kicked off the squad on Tuesday after pictures posted online showed her with a drunken friend covered in profane words, pictures and swastikas, according to the Boston Herald.Caitlin Davis and another person appeared to be writing on the passed-out person in pictures posted on Facebook, the newspaper reported.The photos later appeared on a number of other Web sites, including England Patriots Spokesman Stacey James told the Herald that Davis was "no longer with the squad."Even though the team said that she was removed from the squad, photos of Davis remained on the Patriots' Web site, including some from the team's Oct. 26 game against the Rams when she dressed up as an angel.In April of this year, Davis told the Sun Chronicle during cheerleader tryouts that part of why she was drawn to the squad was that it would require a number of community service appearances."In addition to spreading a good image for the Patriots, you do some good things for others," she told the Chronicle.Click here to view the controversial photo.