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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haiti Disaster Relief: A Global Effort


Disaster Relief by the Numbers

The earthquake in Haiti may be one of the world’s most tragic disasters, but the rapid response and financial munificence across the globe has shown us the best of humanity. Still, looking closely at the numbers reveals some unexpected trends.

For example, while the United States has been the world’s most generous donor with over $466 million in aid, it only ranks eighth when broken down per capita. In reality, the Scandinavian countries, as well as Canada, have been the most generous in their giving. We’ve also gathered data on corporate giving, and to understand just how generous each company is, we’ve ranked them based on what percentage of their annual revenue they are donating — most of which are less than 0.002%. As for celebrities, Leonardo DiCaprio gave the most of his net worth, $1 million (or 2.3%), while Tiger Woods, probably looking to save some face, donated the most of any celebrity with $3 million.

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