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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RIM Demos BlackBerry PlayBook live from Adobe MAX


Why am I excited about this tablet? Not the tablet itself but the transferability of AIR to all platforms. This will expand the market for AIR applications for tablets x-fold meaning that Android tablets will get to piggyback, much like it currently gets to piggyback on iPad enabled websites. Loving the innovation that is coming to the tablet realm right now.

I think this is an excellent demo, but I think that it feels doomed to be outshone by a retooled iPad 2. Especially since I feel pretty strongly that Apple is going to release a 399 ipad. I find it hard to believe some of these other companies are going to be able to undercut them or gain near the same marketshare.

There’s a maturity and solidity to the way this PlayBook is coming together that I find pretty impressive – So Far…

Now it’s all about refinement and developer support, and Adobe’s a very good start.