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Friday, May 29, 2009

Breathtaking Art by Illustration Master Adam Hughes

We don't call people masters very often. This is a title obviously reserved for those who are capable of take our breath away with their art. Whether it's illustration, photography, sculpting, architecture, or whatever fields of creativity, some guys, like Adam Hughes just got the talent to make astonishing art.

In 1987, Hughes penciled two short stories and the first issue of the character Death Hawk, created by Mark Ellis. In 1988 Hughes' work appeared in Comico's Maze Agency with co-creator/writer Mike W. Barr, and stayed on the book for one year. When Maze Agency was canceled by Comico, DC Comics offered him a job on Justice League America. He did both covers and internal renditions on that series for two years, before switching to providing covers only.

There are 2 places where you'll find more of his work: at his DeviantART profile and at his personal website. I totally, 100% recommend you to go visit these, because there's no way a person can get enough of these illustrations. And that's it. Enjoy guys... enjoy. ;)

Breathtaking illustration by Adam Hughes

Breathtaking illustration by Adam Hughes

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