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Friday, May 29, 2009

SWEET Gamer Graffiti from All Over [Pics & Article]

I TOLD you he was real!
Anyone of a certain age riding an F-Line trolley or bus on Market toward Van Ness can be forgiven for wondering if they've hallucinated, projecting a vestige of their childhood onto a passing wall. Many riders probably conclude that's the case; blink and it's gone.

But those walking past Market and Brady know it's true: There's a professional-grade graffiti mural composed of Donkey Kong Jr., Q-Bert, and, a treat for the careful onlooker (again, of a certain age) Ghost Monsters from Pac Man.

The San Francisco 1980s nostalgia wall was tagged on the videogame-centric Web site Pixelated Geek in a feature highlighting worldwide videogame-related graffiti. We are self-admitted San Francisco chauvinists, but we couldn't help but chuckle at the following, spotted in Halifax, Canada:
Here are some more good ones:

The San Francisco treat...

Melbourne, Australia
Ann Arbor, Michigan

C'est Mario et Luigi en Montreal!

Halifax photo |
Montreal photo | via
Melbourne photo | via
San Francisco photos | Salim
Michigan photo


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