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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Forget booking a taxi, now you can RIDE your luggage to the airport as firm designs 'scooter suitcase'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Ride to check-in: The £250 scooter can be detached from the case and carried onto the plane
Ride to check-in: The £250 scooter can be detached from the case and carried onto the plane
Trying to run with a suitcase because you're late for your flight is a nightmare that most of us have had to deal with.

But now a firm has designed a case that could make the desperate dash across Heathrow a breeze - with a bizarre 'commuter scooter'.

The Micro-Luggage case has an in-built scooter so travellers can ride their case to the gate after dropping up to 20kilos of luggage off at check-in.

The new £250 bag consists of a 26-litre case and a lean-and-steer scooter. It is being marketed at frequent business flyers and people making short commutes to work.

The case can be detached from the scooter and wheeled around in the same way as an ordinary suitcase.

It is designed by Micro Scooters UK, a Colchester-based company behind, who produced micro scooters which were popular in the early 2000s.

A spokesman for the company said: 'Micro Scooters UK has already changed the face of the school run with thousands of families having swapped their gas guzzling 4x4s for the Mini and Maxi Micros.

'Now the company is set to do the same for commuting with the Micro Luggage scooter.
'Not only is it a healthier option to a car, it's a great way of reducing your carbon footprint.'

Carry-on: Case can be detached from the scooter
The Micro-luggage is a 26-litre capacity case and lean-and-steer scooter
Carry-on: The case and scooter, pictured together right, can be detached. The £250 product is being marketed at frequent flyers
Regular flyer Dave Gardner, 35, said the new case would be a big help when he is at the airport

'I've missed flights because my taxi has been delayed,' he said.

'It's left me running across the terminal with luggage that won't roll straight and turning up red faced to a closed gate.

'If I could whizz across the terminal it might save me a lot on re-booking business flights.'

However, the price is putting some off the product.

'Surely I could just take a micro scooter with me and put in my bag when I get to work rather than forking out for this - I'd look like a fool riding around on that' said Claire Evans, a 35-year-old banker from Dudley, West Midlands.