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Friday, January 8, 2010

Jack White reveals solo album details: He's considering playing all the instruments himself on the album

The White Stripes frontman hinted that he could get around to recording material for the album in the near future, though he admitted to Rolling Stone that he doesn't know what form it will take.

Asked to confirm whether he was still planning to release a solo album, White replied: "Eventually, yeah, for sure."

Speaking about whether he would play all instruments on it, he declared: "I've never done that [played everything himself]. I thought about that. That might be the challenge - to differentiate from anything else that I've done."

White also added that he doesn't know when he will begin work on new White Stripes, Raconteurs or Dead Weather material, explaining that he prefers to work without timeframes.

"It would be a mistake for me to premeditate anything, even in the next six months, to say what I'm going to do," White explained. "I honestly could be working on a White Stripes [album] in the next two weeks. I have no idea if that is going to happen. And the same with The Dead Weather. I'd rather live like this without a calendar in front of me."