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Friday, January 8, 2010

Full-Body Scanners 101: How Naked Is Full-Body Scan Naked?

by JetSetCD

Wooo! Naked sexy lady! ...or not.
There's going to be a lot of talk about full-body scanners in 2010, we can tell. So in an effort to help you understand what airports will have them, what happens when you use them, and your rights, we're dedicating this week to explaining it all in Full-Body Scanners 101.
So now that we've told you at what airports to watch for full-body scan machines and how both types of available models actually work, it's about time we discussed the most important question when it comes to this new security procedure: how naked do you look in a full-body scan?
The answer might surprise you, because although many people are really enjoying making a fuss about privacy and morals with this magical way to see underneath your clothes, the resulting images resemble something more morbid than sexual.
See what we mean after the jump...
What we do know about full-body scanners is that you can wear whatever you want to try and evade the prying eyes of the TSA—heavy wool sweaters, pleather pants, and even the finest vicuña coat—but the machines will display all your naughty bits to whoever is on duty. For this reason, the UK is understandably upset that full-body scanners violate child pornography laws, since they essentially reveal genitalia. Thus, passengers under the age of 18 are exempt from full-body scans while the matter undergoes further discussion by the airport council.
This got us thinking—how dirty are these full-body scan images, anyway? Armed with the full power of Google Image search, we set out to find the nakedest, most revealing full-body scan pictures available on the web—which are probably TSA testers anyways. And below are the results...

Bum pics! Look at those big ol' butts! What's more, look at that big ol' gun and that big ol' knife

Ooo yea, look at how hot and sexy this naked man is! No, he's really not, is he?

To tell you the truth, the above images remind us more of CSI-type stuff, like chalk outlines and autopsy photos than sexy pictures. Going through airport security is not a who's hotter naked contest; it's a who's carrying the most dangerous items contest, and full-body scanners are calibrated to pick out knives and not G-strings (although they will see a switchblade in your G-string). And if it's an issue of making passengers embarrassed and developing a bad body image, well that's what we have magazines for!


Anonymous January 11, 2010 at 10:07 PM  

this makes me feel a whole lot better! thanks for the post :)