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Friday, July 29, 2011

VIDEO: Professor Splash nails America's Got Talent with record-breaking leap

By Ali Plumb
From :

We have long been fans of "Professor Splash" and his ability to jump from ridiculous heights into shallow pools of water without hurting himself – just check out our "best of" post of his work here for proof if you don't believe us...

Now he's getting the credit he's long deserved after appearing on the stupidly popular light entertainment show America's Got Talent, performing an even bigger stunt than before – and guess what? It involves him jumping from a ridiculous height into a shallow pool of water without hurting himself! Hurray!

Sure, he's basically a one trick pony with a belly made of steel, but what a one trick pony! After all, could you set a new world record belly-flopping into a splash pool containing only 12 inches of water from a height of 36 feet, 7 inches? Could you though, huh? Could ya?

So swimming caps off to you "The Splashman" – known to his family as Darren Taylor, and to the police as a 49-year-old former professional diver who keep doing weird things with paddling pools – because you may only do one thing really well, but you really do do it really, really well. Here's to your fire-based round next time, you utter, utter madman!