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Friday, July 29, 2011

Man Builds Street-Legal Batmobile Using Turbine Engine

By Jerry Stone

Photos via Casey Putsch

 I want to be Casey Putsch’s new BFF! The aspiring race car driver has built a street-legal Batmobile using Boeing turbine engine.

The vehicle is a replica from the 1989 Batman movie directed by Tim Burton and has a top speed of 185 MPH! It only took Putsch 5 months to build the car using military surplus and race car parts.

Casey told Discovery, “What kid doesn’t like the Batmobile? As an adult, it is now the ideal of Batman that I especially appreciate. Those things combined with my ability to create and my desire for a challenge are what led to this creation.”

The turbine engine is military grade and made by Boeing. It was reclaimed from a Navy drone helicopter that dropped torpedoes on enemy submarines. The turbine drives the car’s rear wheels via a semi-automatic transmission.

Putsch says “I can build you almost anything”. And I don’t think he’s joking. He’s taught himself how to rebuild the turbine engine.

I am placing my order for Wonder Woman’s invisible jet today!