Katy Perry is a wonderful human being. We know this because we have eyes, because we have ears, and because she's married to Russell Brand – and if she's the woman who managed to tame him, there's definitely got to be something about her.

Her talents are normally kept within the pop music business, seeing fit to blast out sugary, catchy tunes across the radio waves as well as dressing up in a variety of outfits that make men's eyes bulge out of their sockets on a regular basis.

By us, Lady Gaga outdoes her on the weirdness lobster-hat-on-your-head, arriving-to-events-inside-an-egg stakes, but when it comes to sheer, undeniable hotness, our lady Katy wins by a country mile.

So when we saw these astonishingly cute images of Ms. Perry in a tiny Smurfette-themed dress – she voices the character in the upcoming movie, you see – at the New York Smurfs premiere, we had to share them with you. Just look at the "real" Smurfette above... even she's shocked. Scandalous.