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Friday, July 29, 2011

Serial Butt Slasher on the Loose in Virginia; Has Attacked 5 Women at Malls

By Pete Kotz

Detectives in Fairfax, Virginia are hunting for a man who really likes malls -- as well as cutting the butts of young women. They believe he's responsible for slashing the butts of at least five women since Valentine's Day. His first attack came outside a Champps Restaurant...

Then he hit again in an Ann Taylor store. His modus operandi is to distract women in their late teens and early 20s, then use either a razor or a box cutter to slice their butts.

In June, he attacked twice more, this time assaulting women at an H&M and a Marshalls store.

The most recent incident occurred at the Fair Oaks Mall, the site of two previous assaults. An 18-year-old girl was shopping for clothes at Forever XXI when a man -- described as short, fat, Hispanic, and in his late 20s -- bent down as if to pick up some clothes that fell off the rack.

The woman felt a prick, but dismissed it as being poked with a hangar. Then she saw blood. The perv had sliced her, leaving an inch-and-a-half cut.

Police believe the guy has a fetish where he gets off on slicing women. They say he may have tried this before with a girlfriend, and have been urging anyone who's encountered such a degenerate to call the cops.

But so far, all they have is a grainy surveillance camera photo of the creep.