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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

David Bowie App Will Allow Fans to Create Their Own Remixes

By Joseph Oliveto

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David Bowie will always be hip. Unlike some classic rock stars who have sadly allowed age to catch up with them, even if he’s not releasing any music worthy of his golden years (we couldn’t help ourselves), Bowie at least knows how to recognize that “scary” new things–bands, technology, Lady Gaga–aren’t a threat to him.

In fact, he’s often embraced the power of of new tech and taken advantage of what it can offer to recording artists. Case in point: on June 6, an App will be released by EMI for his song “Golden Years,” which will allow fans to manipulate the various tracks on the song and create their own remixes.

Bowie’s done this before, with the tune “Space Oddity,” but this time users will be able to export their remix to an MP3 file and share it with family and friends. Budding artists ought to be pleased; Bowie’s music is eternally cool, and remixing is currently cool. Can’t go wrong with that combo these days.

To spark users’ creativity, EMI will also be releasing a new EP featuring the original single, as well as four remixes from DJ’s Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric J. Lawrence and Chris Douridas.

With technology making the creation of music more and more democratized, we’re thrilled to know that there are mainstream artists willing to participate in the revolution. Sure, they do it for the sales it generates, but if it helps fans discover their own untapped potential, we’re all for it.

Do you think that technology has been good for music these days, or has it made it too easy for less-than-talented artists to record and release music? In the past, bands had to prove their worth; now that’s not the case. Is that good or bad?