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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How well can you really multitask?

By: Matthew Humphries


Multitasking is something we all think can be easily done when sitting at a computer with multiple applications open flicking our attention between them. But in reality, humans just aren’t that good at it. In fact, you sacrifice focus in order to carry out multiple tasks in a diminished capacity speaking from my own experience. You can still do multiple tasks, but don’t expect to do them all well.

Have you ever really sat down and focused on just one thing? If you have the patience to do this, something that seems to be disappearing fast in our instant-gratification world, you will probably find you perform that single task much better. Be that learning, playing, reading, writing etc.

To test how good or bad you really are at multitasking, Kongregate developer IcyLime has created a game called Multitask. It involves you looking after an increasing number of objects on screen as time goes by. You start with balancing a ball, then have to avoid some arrows, then interact with some boxes. At every stage the multitasking gets that little bit harder.

I am admittedly terrible with a top score of just 56. But I’d liked to know just how bad I am compared to others so post your scores below so we can compare.

If you play and enjoy Multitask, then IcyLime has done a follow-up game called Multitask 2 with slightly different tasks to manage. It’s not easier or harder, just different.

Here’s a video giving you some idea of what you end up coping with when playing:

Play at Kongregate, via HN