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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Evolution of the Pocket Protector: Thomas Pink's iPod Necktie, Nerdy No More

Is this nerdy, or isn't it? I honestly can't decide. It's a necktie that holds an iPod Nano, essentially a less dorky version of the quintessential old school nerd pocket protector. Note that the colors correspond with the iPod colors. It's called "The Commuter Tie," and is made by Thomas Pink of London. Their site says, "The music player is placed in the pocket to avoid having expensive devices on display or damaging the line of one's suit."

Avoid damaging the line of one's suit? Okay, maybe it's not nerdy. Maybe it's just gay.

I suppose the next step up from this would be a necktie that holds an iPhone. The tie would have to get bigger, or the iPhone would have to get smaller.




The Thomas Pink Commuter Ties cost 55 pounds sterling. Or, for around four U.S. bucks, there's always these, from One even has a built-in badge holder. Kurt Lammon, the guy who founded says he started the site "because, one day, after many years of daily use, I realized that my faithful old protector was starting to look very tired. I made several efforts to locate another good one at the major retail outlets and drug stores, but to no avail." He has since shipped thousands of pocket protectors all over the world. Awesome.

"The Invisible"
​"Go totally incognito with the totally clear Invisible." It's their most popular model. And yes, so incognito! Why, I don't notice it at all.
"The Stealth"
"The Stealth," which "hides discretely (sic) in your pocket."
"The Badge Holder"
"The Badge Holder" for those who need to hold badges. Obviously.