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Friday, December 11, 2009

Four Hanukkahs

Four Hanukkahs is a parody of the movie Four Christmases. For more information visit:

Watch in normal quality if audio and video are out of sync in HD. (Youtube's HD is experiencing technical difficulties.)

Written by Julie Marsh, Dan Schoffer, Rodman Spilling & Steven Wolkoff

Produced by Julie Marsh, Dan Schoffer, Rodman Spilling & Steven Wolkoff

Directed by Steven Wolkoff
Motion Graphics, Additional Camera & Lighting by Rodman Spilling

Edited by Steven Wolkoff & Rodman Spilling

Dan Schoffer as Avi

Laurel Reese as Sarah

Amy McRae as Avis Mother

Martin Dusig as Avis Grandfather

Gertrude Dubrow as Avis Grandmother

James Young as Sarahs Father

Michael Rachlis as Aaron Schwartz

Jamie McRae as Maya

Jackie McRae as Dreidel Singer

Rodman Spilling as Avis Brother

Eli Margolis as Menorah Slinging Kid

Hidekun Hah as The Dreidel Roulette Master

Voiceover by Rob Steinberg

Additional Appearances by Emily Margolis, Andrea Spilling, Julie Marsh, Samantha Reed & Yael McRae

Special Thanks to The McRae Family, Andrea Spilling, Margaret Sheridan, & Alan Hysinger

"Hava Na Wha?" Song provided by Etan G