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Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Brings Strippers To Storefront Windows

By Susan Elaine Cooper

Santa Claus has something for everyone this Christmas, even those that made the naughty list. It seems the clothing brand XOXO had a promotion that involved women changing their clothes day and night in front of a crowd of spectators on New York’s 5th Avenue.

There were two beautiful young women that paraded around like the store window was their bedroom, doing playful things like jumping on the bed, brushing each others hair and even zipping each other up. The crowd, mostly male, shouted to them to get their attention, and even wrote notes to them, however the women were trained to ignore the crowd. This led the men to believe the women could not see them, making this event even more voyeuristic.

Holiday windows have always been an attraction in New York, but this “Christmas” window display literally stole all the traffic from even the very popular Macy’s window. The crowd response was mixed from the women, some saw it as too much for a street view, feeling it should have been restricted from general public viewing. Some women, however were inspired enough by the window to start their own public display of affection with a passionate kiss. One report was made to police, however the officers did not interfere with the successful holiday campaign.

While the holiday window seems to have been a success, their social media campaign was more of a bust (no pun intended). A twitter account was set up at @WatchMeXOXO which only yielded 324 followers, and their Facebook account that has more than 13,000 fans only received one or two likes on each post about the event.

What do you think? Was this a powerful social promotion or is it closer to “street corner” behavior?