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Monday, January 19, 2009

The 15 Hottest Italian Women I Know Of (Who At Least Have an Accent)

Published by Natty


I happen to think that Italian women are the elite women in the entire world when it comes to aesthetic beauty. I also happen to be a brunette type of a guy but still, it’s not a bad argument. I think it’s Italians and Latinas that kind of get my blood pumping the most.

But for the record there are millions of women of Italian heritage. Hell I could add Aria Giovanni to this list. I could add any American chick that even has a hint of bada bing.

However, no. I’m talking real Italians who were born there, speak the languag,e and would certainly speak it to me in the sack.

Here are 15 of the hottest Italian women I know of.

Rosaria Cannavo


Rosaria is a television personality in Italy and it just goes to show how smart their programming policies are.

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Valentina Dessi


She’s Italian. She’s 20 Years Old. She’s a model. Thanks.

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Letizia Filippi


A former Ronaldo WAG and model. Damn I love her.

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Federica Ridolfi


Most people think of her as the hottest Italian alive. It’s not a bad argument.

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Monica Bellucci


In my eyes, the hottest woman over 40 in the world right now (at least famous person). She’s an actress by the way.

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Rossella Brescia


I assume she’s a model. Who cares at this point?

More Pictures (Some topless)

Melita Toniolo


An aspiring Italian Actress. Please aspire to be in porn. PLEASE.

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Yesica Toscanini


Obviously a model. And obviously Sports Illustrated needs to get their hands on more models like her.

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Giorgia Palmas


An Italian Television personality. She also placed second in the 2000 Miss World Competition.

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Elisabetta Canalis


Italian model and actress, blah blah.

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Sara Tommasi


Another actress and another reason for me to stay home today.

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Manuela Arcuri


A “starlet” of the 90’s and early 2000 in Italy. She loves to act. Now she just hangs with famous dudes.

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Elena Santarelli


She works with Elite Models and poses topless a lot. Hi.

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Elena Barolo


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Francesca Lodo


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Anonymous August 24, 2009 at 10:20 PM  

spot on dude, spot on. Monica Belucci=MILF of all MILFs