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Monday, January 19, 2009

New Mexico to Use Pot for Post Traumatic Stress, Hep C?

Panel considers cannabis
for more uses

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Post traumatic stress disorder, nerve pain and Hepatitis C could soon be added to the list of ailments treated by medical marijuana in New Mexico.

On Thursday, petitioners asked a medical group to recommend the use of medical marijuana for several other ailments.

Medical marijuana became legal in New Mexico in July 2007.

There are currently seven qualifying conditions for acceptance to smoke marijuana in the state.

The petitions were heard by an out of state medical group.

So far four of the 17 ailments petitioned Thursday will be placed on a recommendation list that will go to the secretary of health for approval.

Many of the petitioners said that the recommendations are step in the right direction.

"It helps her cope and it gives her relief from pain. And how could we deny that for anyone with something as safe as medical marijuana," medical marijuana supporter Stephen Hunt said.

The panel has tabled some ailments including chronic pain. They said some of the tabled ailments need to be further researched.

The use of medical marijuana to treat depression was denied by the panel.

206 people in New Mexico have been granted medical marijuana licenses since the law took effect in 2007.


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