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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Handicapped PS3 Owner Builds Frankenstein's Controller

What would it take to stop you from gaming? If you said being bedridden, hooked up to various machines with limited use of your limbs, then you are a complete wuss. Just ask PlayStation 3 forum poster KitsuneYume, who built a PS3 controller he works with his entire body, including his mouth. While the setup won't win any product design awards, it allows Kitsune there access to 20 out of 25 possible controller functions using 16 switches and a joystick he controls with his tongue, all wired into a standard PS3 controller.

The main reason I put this on the PlayStation website was to show people that even the most limited person can still enjoy console gaming just as much... anyone else. the controller was pretty easy to make except for converting the analog signals into digital signals for when I use the various switches. this took about two months to build and get working effectively.

So how does it play? Good enough to keep Kitsune gaming, and that's all that really matters, isn't it?

It works just as good as any other. it was actually made with a PlayStation controller circuit board inside the box. it is just as responsive when I use my tongue, but if I use a switch for a direction of one of the joysticks it's like pushing it all the way one direction. I was able to beat the demo of mirrors edge, heavenly sword, eternal sonata and just about every other demo on the PlayStation network. the only games I have difficulty with are football games.... because I don't have very good strategy when it comes to sports games lol but I am practicing so I can play some of my friends who are really into football:-)

Now if that doesn't show what a powerful force of inspiration gaming can be, I don't know what will. Hit up the link to the forum thread below for more pictures.

My custom one of a kind PS3 controller,I can game again! [PlayStation Forums - Thanks Saad!]