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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Punk's Not Dead: The 20 Punkest Films

As long as these films are around, punk will never die.

By Pauline Pechin

CBGB's has gone the way of the dodo, and even the watery pop-punk of the early '00s isn't tainting the airwaves. But as long as these films from outsiders and iconoclasts exist, punk's not dead. So get out those old torn fishnets and combat boots and get ready to rock with these tales from the punk side. Serial offenders include Richard Hell, who pops up in several of our choices, and directors Susan Seidelman, Alex Cox, and Penelope Spheeris, who all contribute significantly to the history of hardcore music films and documentaries. Brave viewers are also encouraged to look up the gory, transgressive films of the prolific Nick Zedd and filmmaker-turned-photog Richard Kern.

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The 20 Punkest Films
What's your favorite punk movie?