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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Door Jaguar XF coming but no SUV

Two-Door XF in Jaguar's Future, Not SUV

Since Tata Motors' purchase of Jaguar earlier this year, we could only guess which direction the Indian firm would take the British luxury car manufacturer. Now, Tata's CEO, Ratan Tata, has revealed his vision for the storied brand.

Tata has stated that he sees Jaguar moving up-market, a reversal of Ford's policy of building volume. As such, Tata says that an entry-level sedan and an SUV or crossover are completely off the table.

Instead, Jaguar will focus on refining its existing ranges. An all-new XJ is expected in 2010, while Tata revealed he'd like to see variants of the new XF (perhaps a coupe or convertible) launch around 2011. Jaguar also reportedly also has a lightweight sports car, sized just under the XK, also waiting in the wings.

Though Tata seems uninterested in playing to the lower-luxury segment, Jaguar dealers - particularly those in the U.S. - are asking for a Jag that would directly compete with the BMW 3-series. Though the Ford Mondeo-based X-type is generally considered a sales failure, dealers long for a smaller car that could compete in that market.

Source: Automotive News