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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four Android Tablets that Really Deserve Your Hard-earned Cash

By admin

iPad is a good option, but the tablet world is not just limited to it.. Well, there are many who do not fancy just an iPad. If you are also looking for some even better stuff than iPad, you, definitely, need to consider Android. Though Windows tablets have been hovering over for quite some time, Android ones are a popular option among those who want to have a different tablet experience. They work nicely and things become really exciting with their friendly interfaces.

With different screen sizes, battery life, on-board RAM and processing power and price ranges, you will find an array of Android tablets these days. Here are my selections of five best Android tablets that can offer you a great return to your money.

1. Archos 70

Source: Tech Stroke

If you are looking for a lightweight and small tablet, the Archos 70 is a thing for you. But there are certain aspects like seven-inch screens that are not as impressive as other available tablets. It features 250GB hard disk, 8GB flash, a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8, Wi-Fi, VGA front-facing camera, integrated kickstand and HDMI output. It houses a single core processor instead of a dual core. Android can be seen at its best on this tablet.

2. Advent Vega

Source: Tablet Connect

With 1 GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 10” touchscreen, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, 1.3MP webcam and impressive battery life, the Advent Vega is a tablet for those who want great quality with styling. UK’s retailers Dixons is going to sell two tablets for this Advent range that include Advent Amico and Advent Vega. They both house Android OS. Some other remarkable features of the Advent Vega are 4GB SD memory card and have a battery life of 10 hrs. and it’s just 14mm thick.

3. Archos 101

Source: New Best Gadget

The Archos 101 houses all the features and functions that can be seen in the Archos 70 and the only difference is the touchscreen which is of 10.1” that delivers 1024×600 WXVGA. There are two hard disk versions in lieu of a hard disk version. 8gb and 16gb are the flash based option of the Archos 101.

4. Dell Streak

Source: Android and Me

There are somewhat innumerable iPad rivals that trying to thrash Apple following the same aspects that Apple has worked on. But there are some players which have tried to take a different approach and Dell with its Streak is one of these players. Dell Streak is a sleek and elegant device with 5” multi-touchscreen and great processing power and improved functionality are the things that really make it a worth-buying device. The thing which makes it a nice option is that it can also work as a smartphone and this what makes things somewhat blurred when you have to think to use it as an Android based tablet or as a smartphone. Text messaging, 5mp camera, Android interface and removable battery are some other impressive specs of the Dell Streak.