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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BMW Unveils 3 Versions of Retro Electric Scooter

by The Green Groove

BMW gives urbanites a chance to ride in style with 3 different versions of its Mini Scooter E!

Images: wired

If you’re a fan of electric scooters and you like the look of the Mini Cooper, then you may want to check out BMW’s new retro plug-in scooter. The scooter, which is called the Mini Scooter E, comes in three different versions: a two-seater, a MOD and a “purist” single seater. Although each version looks quite different, they are all powered by an electric motor and can be charged in any wall socket.
Designed by senior VP Adrian van Hooydonk, the Mini Scooter E also features:

  • A lithium-ion battery
  • A Smartphone app that starts the car (no keys needed)
  • GPS software that points out other E-scooter riders in the area
  • A helmet that has an integrated headphone and microphone with embedded Bluetooth
All three designs are trendy and hip, and any urbanite would look good riding one. Which one do you prefer?

The single seater “purist” design.

The two-seater.

The Mod version.

Although these scooters remind me of something that Austin Powers would drive, I think that they are all good-looking vehicles and would be great for the environment. The scooters are estimated to cost well over $6,000.

Here’s a video that features all three designs: