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Friday, January 9, 2009

Audi Hits Sales Target - Sells 1 Million Vehicles Worldwide in 2008

The auto industry might be reeling from a global, precedent setting recession, but Audi has managed to achieve its 2008 objective in sales: One million cars globally. According to the company, total sales this year totaled about 1,003,400, or 2,749 vehicles a day.

Audi credits this success to the recent addition of the Q5 SUV and revised A4 family. Still, illustrating the troubled U.S. market, North American sales fell 6.1% over last year, down to 87,760 units from 93,506 the year before. Audi saw the largest growth in European markets, where sales increased 22.7%. The burgeoning Chinese market attributed a 15.6% growth in sales for the company’s defined Asia-Pacific region.

This news has us thinking Audi may be on the ball even in the current economic situation. Although the automaker has pulled its factory backed American Le Mans team, the announcement of the V-10-powered R8 and the rumored S1 hot hatch still have us intrigued.

Source: Audi