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Monday, October 27, 2008

World's Sexiest Bars

The place: Shalvata, Tel Aviv

The people: The young and beautiful whose only worry in life is getting in

Sex appeal: To the uninitiated, a nighttime visit to Shalvata seems somewhat at odds with the whole Holy Land thing. But the scene here is one of stunning Israeli women gyrating on the seaside dance floor. And Israeli women aren't just impossibly beautiful, they're sophisticated and tough—and that's sexy. The best time to hit Shalvata (it means "peace" or "tranquility" in Hebrew) is right before sunset, when you can have a drink, listen to the waves breaking, and watch the enormous orange sun ripple away behind the horizon. And if you want to dance, consider going home, taking a nap, and coming back after midnight—things will just be getting started.

Pickup line: "Holy Land or not, it'd be a sin to let you go."

The hook-up:
Tel: 972 3 544 1279