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Monday, October 24, 2011

The World’s Largest Pumpkin Carving Is Also the Most Impressive


When you carve your Jack-o'-lantern this Halloween, try and keep it simple. Because no matter how good you are at carving, shaving and hollowing, you won't be able to match this epically designed pumpkin carving. Demons, ghouls, zombies, guts—all artistically sculpted from this 1,818.5 pound pumpkin.

Yes. one thousand eight hundred eighteen and a half pounds of orangey orange goo, seeds and slime. That makes the pumpkin the world's largest pumpkin and the carving the world's largest pumpkin carving. The giganto pumpkin carving was made by Ray Villafane and the detail is delicious. It's also shit your pants scary too—the walking dead look like they're climbing out of hell. Villafane is carving more pumpkins like this at the New York Botanical Garden and they'll all be on showcase through Halloween. See more of the pictures at Inhabitat. [INHABITAT]