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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

R2D2 Upgrades to HDMI and Xbox 360


Major League Mods has just unleashed every Star Wars geek’s wet dream, for lack of a better description.

A life-size model of R2D2 bears a striking resemblance to the projector/dvd-player/sound system made by Nikko, as seen here. The difference is that Major League Mods appears to have spliced the internals of an Xbox 360 of all things, with a similar product. That’s right; you can now play Star Wars Battlefront III with R2 projecting on your wall.

R2D2 R2D2 Upgrades to HDMI and Xbox 360

It’s hard to believe, but no 360 ports appear to have been sacrificed in this George Lucas/Microsoft-effigy. The HDMI and RCA ports are in back along with power input, two USBs up front with the power button, and, of course, R2’s glowing eye is right where is should be.

R2 also lights up, but does not appear to move on its own. We’re not exactly sure if it makes sounds, but the well-known high-pitched chirps are definitely evident in the video. Check it out yourself below.

While we cannot confirm or deny the validity of this Mod, the splash screen of Xbox 360’s menu does appear on the wall in this video, and the ports do appear to be that of the Xbox as well. If you’d like to learn more, we suggest you contact Mark Bongo, the owner of Major League Mods and custom-modification guru who brought this gamer droid to life. You can also check out his Free eBooks to learn how to do this mod yourself. May the force be with you.

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