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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leisure Suit Larry HD coming to iOS, Android in 2012


Some of my most memorable gaming moments growing up were experiencing point-n-click adventures from publishers such as Sierra and LucasArts. One series that I absolutely loved was Sierra’s Leisure Suit Larry, although I may have been a little too young to understand all of the adult humor. Regardless, I still had a blast guiding Larry through his many adventures and it looks like I’ll finally get to understand what I played through as a kid as Replay Games has announced it’ll be bringing Leisure Suite Larry to iOS & Android next year.

The first game Replay Games will release will be an HD remastered version of their first title, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. The HD remastered version of the game will include the usual laundry list of improvements to the game’s graphics, sound, and controls, but Replay Games promises none of the game’s puzzles or sense of humor will be left out. If the HD remake sells well, Replay Games plans to release the rest of the Leisure Suit Larry series of games as well as completely original Larry games.

Seeing how popular point-n-click games have been on iOS with Telltale Games’ Monkey Island, Sam & Max, and Back to the Future, bringing Leisure Suit Larry to iOS & Android could continue to keep the ball rolling for remakes of classic point-n-click adventure titles. That could only mean we’ll hopefully be one step closer to games like King’s Quest being played from the comfort of our mobile devices.

[Via EGM]