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Friday, September 30, 2011

iTree: An iPod Dock Made from a Tree

The iTree is a top-quality iPhone and iPod docking station made out of a simple tree trunk. This is hollowed out using a special technique and specialized tools, expertly proportioned to produce optimum sound quality.
Each iTree is unique – costumers choose the wood, the length and the built-in technology. They can even take a ride through the forest and pick out their own tree. The iTree is then made by hand in the “Steirische Vulkanland” region of southern Austria by carpenters “Tischlerei Lenz”, keeping the iTree local. There are currently three types of iTree – cherry, poplar and spruce – however, almost any kind of wood can be used. The iTree is compatible with any iPhone, iPod docking station, W Lan stream unit or CD player. It can even be fitted out with a turntable.
Designers KMKG believe that good design is based on experience, it’s personal, it has a “Heimat” (“home”) and has as little design as possible. Just like the iTree.

Technical Information:
Width: ~200 up to 400 cm
Diameter: starting at 35 cm
Sound by Trenner & Friedl
Bandwith: (-3db) 45Hz – 40.000Hz
Impedance nominal: 4 ohm
Sensitivity: (2.83 V /m) 88db
using finest paper cones
currently available: cheery, poplar and spruce
iTree is compatible with any Apple iPod, iPhone
or iPad using the Apple dock connector
The wireless version is using the wireless
streaming technology from ARCAM

City: Graz
Country: Austria
Client: Studio project
Year: 2010
Trenner & Friedl

Tischlerei Lenz

<p>full view of ‘iTree’</p>
full view of ‘iTree’


iPod Dock December 20, 2011 at 10:30 PM  

This dock is really fabulous, never expected that a dock can be made like this too. This shows that if you are creative, anything is possible.

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