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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Proof that British cops are 500% kinder than American cops

By Ross Borden
Drunk napper

“Can we give you a lift?” Wow. I was shocked when I saw this.
In America, this guy, who obviously stumbled into the wrong house when he was blacked out drunk and proceeded to pass out cold on a stranger’s floor, would have woken up to a knee being dropped on his back and probably a taser to help him wake up – had this been a scene from a house in the US.
He almost certainly would have been taken to jail too, and charged with trespassing and maybe breaking and entering or reckless endangerment. In England, he was helped to his feet and offered a ride home.
No, I don’t believe this behavior should be condoned, but it is refreshing to see police officers in some countries show a bit of compassion and react in a way that is somewhat constructive, instead of just being violent because they have an excuse to.