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Friday, June 10, 2011

12 Incredible Fan Catches At Baseball Games


Sometimes it's the folks in the stands who make the greatest catches at a baseball game. And that's more impressive because many of the greatest fan grabs were made by people with a beer or a baby in the other hand. We'll be massively impressed, though concerned for the child, if we ever see a parent pull down a foul ball holding both at the same time.

As the dog days of summer get ready to seize professional ballplayers and turn them into overheated zombies, fans need to ready themselves too. A foul ball is not just a souvenir but a threat. Just ask the dude from the Astros game last year who dodged a ball and let it hit his girlfriend, who rightfully dumped him. Some fans have made incredible barehanded catches on line drives; others have snagged sharp grounders that reached the walls; and one fella who we truly admire scooped a ball while returning to his seat with a tray of food (above, left). Baseball really is America's pastime. Enjoy these videos.

1. Phillies fan catches one while returning to his seat with a tray of food (and doesn't spill anything)

2. Guy catches a homer with his hat

3. Nonchalant barehanded catch by a Giants fan

4. Supermom made this amazing grab with her baby in her arm

5. Young girl snags one over the rail

6. Great barehanded catch on a home-run ball

7. Another outstanding catch by a Phillies fan, with baby in hand

8. Woman at a Rays game gets drilled in the chin, then snags not one but two foul balls in the same inning

9. '80s dude nearly falls over the rail and incredibly catches himself from disaster below

10. Impressive home-run ball catch by a fan over the rail

11. Guy uses a bucket of popcorn

12. Fan nearly crushes woman at a spring training game in pursuit

And last, for illustrative purposes, we had to include:

Dodgers fan who dropped his kid to try for a ball but didn't even make the grab

Photos: YouTube;; Photo: Mark Gormus / Times-Dispatch (Supermom)