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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Verizon Kisses Unlimited Data Goodbye

As promised, much to the chagrin of the bandwidth hog, Verizon Wireless confirmed Thursday that it will do away with its unlimited smartphone data plan sometime this summer. New, tiered plans will replace the $30-per-month unlimited option the carrier offers, according to CFO Fran Shammo, who was commenting on the topic at the Reuters Global Technology Summit.

This is certainly disappointing news to customers who gobble up lots of data, but Shammo said family data plans are likely on the way to make you feel better. Instead of every member of the family paying $30 per month for data, the company will roll out plans that allow families to pay one price that could save them money, much like how many family voice plans operate. Shammo called family data plans a “logical progression." No word yet on pricing.

AT&T did away with unlimited data last fall, so it comes as little surprise that Verizon Wireless would do the same. In fact, the carrier said as much a few months ago. AT&T offers three tiered plans for smartphone data: 200MB/month for $15; 2GB/month for $25; and 4GB for $45, which includes Wi-Fi tethering. We would expect the individual Verizon plans to be in the same ballpark.