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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maker Faire 2011: Modular Guitars by Praxis Turn Just About Anything Into a New Guitar

by Jaymi Heimbuch
from guitar photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

Maker Faire 2011 was not short on musical instruments, but one that particularly caught my eye were these very interesting looking guitars. Not only do they look interesting, but the design is amazing -- made to be modular with swappable parts, you can turn just about anything, even old books, into a new guitar.

praxis guitar photo

Praxis Guitars are made to be modular, with all of the electronic components within one plate that can be swapped out on different bodies or different necks. They're made from recycled and salvaged materials, whenever possible, and since it's possible for you to reattach pieces to different bodies, you can also upcycle old items and give them a new life. For instance, even an old schoolbook was transformed into a body.

Not only are the materials and concept TreeHugger-friendly, but so too is the whole business model. Praxis' website states:

They are manufactured in an energy-efficient environment, making use of community workshop tools. All the information required to build a Praxis Guitar will be publicly released summer 2011 in order to build a collaborative community of digital luthiers. In this way, Praxis Guitars strives to provide a community that fosters direct participation and involvement between musicians, instrument builders, and their greater environment.

praxis guitar photo

Designer and creator Andrew Benson is working on putting the finishing touches on the guitar design, and as soon as it is ready, the design and products will be released to curious musicians with a DIY sensibility.

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praxis guitar photo