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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hear The Flaming Lips "Two Blobs F*#king" on One Page

The Flaming Lips have a cool new YouTube video project.

Picking up where they left off with 1997's odd experimental album Zaireeka, which came on four CDs intended to be played at once, the Okies have a new song called "Two Blobs Fucking," which comes divided onto 12 YouTube videos intended to be played at ounce by a dozen people hanging out together.

I have Zaireeka but I had to hack it by duplicating the discs onto audio cassettes -- this was way before CD plays cost $18 at Big Lots -- since they're definitely weren't three other kids into that sort of weird indie rock at my high school. Now, let's hack this one, too.

Below you'll find all 12 tracks embedded on the same page. If you're quick enough with your fingers you should be able to get them synced up pretty closely. If not, have one or two friends/co-workers join in by taking three or four each.


UPDATE: My friend Kevin one-upped me. He's awesome with computer stuff and has a site that automatically loads them all simultaneously. Click here.