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Thursday, November 11, 2010

iPhone and iPod to Get 3D Screens with Help of My3D From Hasbro



3D, The Future of Entertainment

Stereoscopic 3D is one of the latest buzzwords in the tech and gaming industries. Sony has done their best to push it out the door with their line of 3DTVs and the now 3D-capable PlayStation 3 (thanks to a firmware update earlier this year). In addition, Nintendo will be releasing their glasses-free 3D handheld in March, the 3DS.

iPhone in 3D

Apple hasn't yet announced any plans to incorporate stereoscopic 3D into their devices. They probably don't need to at this point. That's not to say we don't want to see 3D content on our iOS devices. That's where Hasbro comes in. That's right, Hasbro--the toy maker. Right now, you may be wondering how the same company that makes Mr. Potato Head is going to give your iPhone a 3D screen.

Remember the View-Master?


The above photo looks like an old model, but the concept and design has remained nearly unchanged for several years

Most of us probably had a View-Master. The cool little toy you used to put paper discs in and watch a little slideshow through the lenses. The device gives viewers an illusion of 3D depth of field by pulling together two separate images in such a way that makes it appear as if certain objects "pop out" of the picture.

Meet My3D


My3D (above) uses a concept similar to the classic toy, reinventing it for a new generation by using an iPhone or iPod Touch for its slideshow rather than a little paper disc. According to Hasbro, the device will offer "three-dimensional content...a 360-degree experience in gaming, virtual travel experiences and entertainment content...[for] both children and adults."

The device will set users back about $30, and will be available Spring 2011 at stores where Apple's iPhones and iPod Touch devices are sold. Users can then purchase additional My3D content, which is said to range in price, some of it will be available for free.

According to Hasbro, Apple guided them in the development of the device, and they feel that nothing available that matches the quality and content users will get from My3D.

Excited Yet?


Yes and no. It's $30, so that's not entirely bad. We already own an iPhone, so we are set. However, those who want a device for viewing will have to fork over an additional lump of money for an iPhone or iPod Touch (iPod Touch ranges in price from $229 to $399 depending on the storage capacity).

It's also worth noting that Hasbro has teamed up with some big names like Dreamworks Animation, the movie studio responsible for the Shrek series and How to Train Your Dragon. They're definitely pulling out the big guns for this one.

Those without an iPhone can always pick up the classic View-Master for about $10 along with a few additional View-Master reels. We'll wait to see how it does.