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Monday, October 25, 2010

Travel Back To The Future For The 25th Anniversary!

By MikeFollow on Twitter

This weekend, audiences have the opportunity to watch Back to the Future on the big screen

for its 25th anniversary. To help you gear up for this historic occasion, we’ve compiled some fun content related to the classic time-traveling trilogy. Take a look! After all, it is your density. I mean…your destiny:

The Original Trailer

There aren’t enough trailers these days that feature Huey Lewis & The News. It’s a shame.

Eric Stoltz as the Original Marty Mcfly
Michael J. Fox is so pivotal to the Back to the Future ensemble that it’s hard to believe he was the second choice as Marty Mcfly. Alas, he was, and there’s footage of the original Marty to prove it. Stoltz’s resemblance to Fox is eerie, and he’s a great actor, no doubt, but it’s clear that Zemeckis made the right call:

If you didn’t just watch that and go, “Oh, weeeiiirrd…” you should be stripped of your ‘Back to the Future fan’ title.

Entertainment Weekly Reunion Cover Story
This behind the scenes video features Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson as they reminisce about their first big scene together and discuss the film’s lasting legacy:

Cinemassacre – Back to the Future
James Rolfe (AKA The Angry Video Game Nerd) offers a brief and humorous recap, picks his favorite lines, and visits some of the most iconic locations featured in the movie.

For more, check out Rolfe’s recaps of Part II and Part III

Charlie Rose – A Discussion With Robert Zemeckis
The popular director sits down with Charlie Rose and discusses his career. The interview with Zemeckis begins at 24:35.

VBS Meets: Crispin Glover
The extremely talented Crispin Glover was only 21 when he portrayed the McFly patriarch. What’s he been up to recently? Find out in this interview with VBS, where he talks about his art-house film What Is It? (NSFW: brief nudity and some language)

Brokeback to the Future
Go back in time to 2006 when Brokeback Mountain video mashups were all the rage. Can Doc and Marty keep their love affair a secret? This is heavy…

Back to the Future Sex Scenes
This College Humor sketch imagines the unimaginable between Marty and his Mother. It is so very wrong and so very funny. Not exactly safe for work.

Back to the Future Coffee Shop
An exact replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future in a neighborhood coffee joint? Great Scott! Also, great shot! (of Espresso)

Power Laces
This is more of a Back to the Future Part II thing, but come on. Power Laces?! Everyone who has ever seen that movie in the history of forever wants a hoverboard, a self-aware jacket, and power laces. 1 out of 3 ain’t bad:

Biff’s Question Song
Thomas F. Wilson, AKA Biff Tannen, expresses his frustration at answering the same fan questions in this popular viral video.

To everyone who ends up seeing Back to the Future in theatres this weekend: have a blast from the past. To everyone else: what are you, chicken?